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Best Chromebook c425 Review

Asus Chromebook C425 Laptop Review

Asus Chromebook C425 Review – 8GB Laptop 2020

What is the best Chromebook to buy in 2020? ASUS introduced its new model of Chromebook C425 with a great combination of fast and robust components. This Chromebook comes in a slim and compact design at an affordable price as compared to other Chromebooks available in the market.

This Chromebook under 500 is specially designed for students or people who remain in contact with the laptop for the most time and do internet browsing. ASUS introduced this Chromebook with a similar look to Chromebook C434. It comes with 14 1920×1080 IPS display inches touch screen with duller looking but without screen touch feature.

The duller screen allows the users to use the Chromebook for long internet browsing sessions with the help of long battery timing. The battery of this Chromebook is strong enough and capable of lasting up to 10 hours. This feature also increases the portability options for outdoor working.

This Chromebook comes with a flexible plastic body while the trackpad and keyboard are responsive enough that allows the users to perform their work smoothly.

The inclusion of the Intel Core m3-8100Y processor and 8 GB of RAM provides enough power to handle multiple spreadsheets and browser tabs at the same time. However, it comes with a low storage space of 64GB, but it is enough if you don’t want to store massive media files.

In this article, we will provide you information about various features and specifications of this ChromeBook that help you to get the best one that fulfills your needs and requirements. Let’s take a look at them.

ASUS Chromebook C425 Laptop- 14" Full HD 4-way NanoEdge,...
  • 14 inch Full HD IPS 1920x1080 4-way NanoEdge display that allows for a 14 inch...
  • Powered by the Intel Core m3-8100Y Processor for super-fast and snappy...
  • 8GB LPDDR3 RAM; 64GB eMMC storage and 2x full function USB Type-C (Gen 1) and 1x...

Chromebook c425 Review

  • An amazing display with thin bezels
  • Crafted to Perfection design
  • Amber Lake Intel Processor
  • Soldered DDR3L RAM
  • High-Fidelity Audio
  • Premium Keyboard & Trackpad
  • High-Performance Storage
  • Wide interface connectivity
  • Long Battery timing

Why should you buy it? ChromeBook with 8GB RAM

The best thing in this Chromebook is that it is the Chromebook with 8GB of RAM. Usually, the Chromebooks are with 4GB of RAM. This time Chromebook is packed with 8GB of RAM, a bulk of storage for students and senior citizens. That’s why this time while buying a laptop Chromebook C425 is your first priority to buy for your family. This Budget Chromebook is best in all ways.

An amazing display with thin bezels – Review 14 Inch Display Chromebook

The Chromebook C425 comes with a new four-sided Nano Edge 14-inch display with ultra-slim bezels that gives the impression of borderless at first sight. The display is perfect for bringing bright and dark colors in Full HD resolution to provide eye-catching real-life experience.

However, the matte variant comes without a touch screen feature, but hopefully, ASUS will introduce the touch screen variant (as per ASUS mentioned on its website). Additionally, the matte panels are an excellent option for people who want to use their laptops for multiple indoor and outdoor tasks.

This Chromebook comes with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080p that makes it capable of providing sharp and decent images along with wide viewing angles. However, the resolution remains in the range of 170 to 180 nits as per views from some users. It also falls below 50% of NTSC gamut coverage that results in slightly drops in color quality.

Furthermore, this Chromebook comes with an 85% screen to body ratio that remains on par when compared with other entry-level Chromebooks and laptops.

Crafted to Perfection design

The Chromebook C425 comes with compact design and high build quality and provides a great look when you place it on your table. ASUS manufactured this ChromeBook in a slim design with a thickness of 17mm that increases the charm of using a laptop.

This Chromebook comes in silver color with an aluminum lid while the rest of the laptop is made with premium quality plastic, unlike the complete aluminum body of C434. The silver aluminum used on the lid is excellent to resist fingerprints similar to that of C434.

In fact, some downsides are always present with some benefits. The plastic is less heat-conductive as compared to aluminum and also light in weight as well. However, if you want a laptop with a full aluminum body, then you may go for C434 by paying some extra bucks.

Furthermore, you can fold the display up to 180 degrees only rather than 360 degrees offered by C434. But this Chromebook comes with a weight of 2.8 pounds only that is a plus point from a perspective of portability.

Are Chromebooks reliable? Amber Lake Intel Processor

When the discussion comes to the performance of Chromebooks, always keep in mind that these books need fewer resources as compared to traditional laptops. These books are designed to operate with Chrome OS that is less demanding as compared to the Windows operating system. Additionally, the apps are specifically designed to use for handheld devices that require limited resources.

ASUS loaded this ChromeBook with Intel Core m3-8100Y processor that is powerful enough to operate the chrome operating system efficiently and does a great job. This Amber Lake processor comes with improved performance and high energy efficiency features. It also offers thermal power design that is three times smaller from mobile Core i3 or Core i5 processors.

Therefore, if you want to test the performance of this processor with a Windows operating system, you will get the same results that you expect from Intel Core i3. It works with two cores and four threads along with 4 megabytes of cache size. It operates with a clock speed that remains in the range of 1.1 GHz and 3.4 GHz.

It is small, but, no doubt, it is efficient and capable of handling all the low demanding tasks easily. The inclusion of the Intel Core m3-8100Y processor in this Chromebook indicates that you don’t have a need to worry about speed for the next few years.

Soldered DDR3L RAM

What is the highlighted feature of this Chromebook? All, Chromebooks come with RAM that will surprise you. 4GB of RAM is enough to operate the Chrome operating system, but this Chromebook from ASUS comes with 8GB of DDR3L RAM. On the other side, the C434 Chromebook comes with only 4GB of RAM, and this time C425 takes the game.

No doubt, the inclusion of high RAM will allow you to complete all tasks smoothly and efficiently. However, the up-gradation of RAM is not possible with this ChromeBook as the RAM is soldered with the mainboard. As per our point of view, you will feel the need for up-gradation for the few coming years as it is already loaded with enough memory.

High-Fidelity Audio

Here is another reason for the shine of C425 when we talk about the audio quality. It is capable of providing high fidelity audio as much as you can expect from any laptop. It is equipped with fantastic speakers similar to that of C434 that generates a pretty loud sound.

The audio system loaded in this ChromeBook is featured with surround sound effects, and you can get a crisp sound. Furthermore, you can get an immersive sound experience for both video and music. You don’t have to need small external speakers if you want to enjoy the music, and this sound quality is not available with Chromebooks or laptops in this class.

Moreover, it is an excellent option to get high-quality audio for voice or video chatting with friends as well.

Premium Keyboard & Trackpad – Best Backlit Keyboard Laptop

ASUS introduced Chromebook C425 in a full-size backlit keyboard along with long travel key distance. The keys provide light and springy feel along with white backlighting. If you are already using a notebook PC, you can find this keyboard familiar with that one. Many other Chromebooks from different brands use this style of keyboard.

ASUS designed this keyboard to enhance the comfort and accuracy with smooth control over the keys. This keyboard lacks windows key because it uses a chrome operating system. Instead, you can find a search key that helps you to find anything by typing in the search bar.

The key working style is similar to that of C434 that allows the users to type for a long time without any hassle.

ASUS loaded this ChromeBook with 6inches button less trackpad that is perfect moussing motions smoothly and accurately. However, the performance of the trackpad is not extraordinary, but it is good enough to work smoothly and execute clicks effectively.

ASUS included palm rejection technology in this trackpad along with multi-touch gesture support. However, the placement of trackpad is undersized that it is not suitable for people with big hands. But it is larger enough from most of the laptops available in the market.

The trackpad is wide enough so that you can easily move two fingers at the same time. The button-less trackpad offers tight and satisfying feelings with every click.

High-Performance Storage

The ASUS Chromebook comes with a storage capacity of 64GB eMMIC drive that is low if you want to use your book for storing videos or movies. But if we look at the inclusion of powerful components like processor and RAM, it is not worthwhile to get worried about storage space.

But if you need some more space to manage your data, you can use 100 GB free space on Google One that you will get for one year with this Chromebook.

Wide interface connectivity

In the section of ports and connectivity, this Chromebook does a great job. ASUS loaded this ChromeBook with all the primary and necessary ports that are included in the laptops in this class.

The left side of this Chromebook is equipped with a USB Type-C power port for data and power along with another USB Type-A 3.1 port. You can use your hand free or connect speaker wire with an audio jack on the left side if you don’t want to enjoy the music on built-in speakers.

However, on the right side, you can find a USB Type-C port that is capable of supporting the Display port over USB Type-C. However, this Chromebook lacks the support of video adapters for the USB Type C port, but you can also get a Micro SD card reader slot on the right side.

It is also equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 and 802.11ac as wireless connectivity options.

Long Battery timing

This Chromebook attracts many people with its excellent battery life that keeps this laptop alive up to 10 hours, and some users also mention that it can live up to 12 hours depending on the style of use.

Long battery time increases the charm of the ultra-portable notebook. It means you can use your laptop for the full day with a single charge without any tension of recharging.

It is difficult to find such long battery timing at this affordable price.


  • CPU: Intel Core m3-8100Y
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 615
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Screen Size: 14 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080p FHD)
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 8.2 x 0.7 inches
  • Brand: ASUS
  • Series: Chromebook
  • Model Number: C425


Irrespective of some downsides like plastic body and lack of touch feature, this Chromebook from ASUS is an excellent option, especially for people looking for extended battery life along with a charming look and excellent working speed.

This Chromebook comes with sufficient features and robust components that are perfect for performing casual tasks efficiently and allowing the users to use multiple tabs or spreadsheets at the same time.

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