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Best 2 in 1 laptop under 700

BEST 2 IN 1 laptop UNDER 700

Laptops, especially, the Chromebooks are considered to be the most essential gadget of the current century. No matter if you are in a school, college, university, or anywhere in the world, a certain point will come where you will feel the need for a laptop. There are particular tasks that cannot be done on a mobile phone rather you will have to accomplish by using a laptop. The fact that most people will think about is its price. It is an arduous job to find a laptop loaded with multiple features in a low price range. You probably don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on a brand new Chromebook but also desire for such a gadget regarding web browsing and other purposes.

Best 2 in 1 Laptops Under 700

Enlisted 2 in 1 laptops are the perfect pick under budget. Review its detailed guide:


So here we present the LENOVO CHROMEBOOK C330 which is one of the latest budget chrome OS machines to shine one the market. The all-white Lenovo Chromebook c330 is so sleek and voguish that one could hardly believe that it costs $438.00. This Chromebook has its own charm loaded with appealing features. It has the capability of perfectly managing web surfing, emailing, Google docs, and a lot of other traits. The panel rotates smoothly on its 360-degree hinge. It happens to be one of the best laptops for basic computing under 700.

All you need to know is if this Chromebook is something that can meet your requirements. So without further delay, let’s begin.

The first thing that is worth discussing is its design. The LENOVO CHROMEBOOK C330 digs out the latest Chromebook that is an 11.6-inch convertible which appears in a sleek stylish design. It bears an off-white hue which is quite pleasing to your eyes. A wide hinge offer you to flip your screen into the laptop, stand, tent, and tablet mode which means you can jump it around into display mode or put it up in a tent mode on your desk or use it like a rather large tablet, with some wobble when the screen is tapped. It entertains you with a colorful IPS touchscreen. The design is supposedly sturdy but it hasn’t qualified the MILSTD 810G of the ASUS CB to flip C213SA-YSO2-S or the Acer CB 11, but that is just one thing which can easily be neglected because finding a well-established Chromebook in such a price along with other sophisticated features is a hard nut to crack. The Chromebook can easily fit in a briefcase but as a matter of fact, it can be a bit hefty on one hand in tablet mode.

Despite its low resolution, the display bears no stability problems. It may not hold the tendency to turn down the brightness to save power but it is seemingly conventional for daily use. Contrast is great, while the browser text and other applications are visible more on black and white screen rather than dark grey on light grey. It might disappoint you for its unimpressive low res screen if you are addicted to bright and better colors. In this regard, it might not suit your choice. The LENOVO CHROMEBOOK C330 emits 74% of the sRGB color gamut, close to the 80% Chromebook average. The glossy screen results in reflection despite its broad viewing angles on the laptop. The body is cut from white plastic with black keys and thick bezels around the display; having Lenovo and Chrome logos on the lid.

As far as ports are concerned, most of them are on the left side of the Chromebook including USB Type -C, HDMI, USB 3.0, and SD memory reader for your broad storage. Having an HDMI port in this price range is unique as most of the laptops in this lack this port. A headphone jack, security lock, power, and Volume buttons take place on the right side because of its conversion to different modes. Moreover, this system encounters 100 GB Google Drive cloud storage for 2 years as well.

The keyboard and the touchpad are other prominent features along with its slick design. You should not be facing any lousy typing experience just because of a laptop in such a range. You must not fear the clacks as the click feels so smooth to your fingers, the credit of which goes to its 72 grams of required actuation force. The taps on the touchpad are tracked perfectly and allow you a swift scrolling. It is known for its correct recognition of chrome OS’s three-finger navigation gestures. It may lack page up / page down and home/end keys. Specific buttons are provided for navigation, browser, brightness, and Volume keys along the top row. However, The Caps lock keys are replaced by a search key. The touchpad is responsive enough to meet your expectations. Due to the absence of rubberized edges, it may be sometimes unable to have a firm grip but it can easily be ignored as the system remains comfortable to use.

The Lenovo Chromebook c330 tends to entertain us with its extraordinary battery life. Most of the Chromebooks leave you disappointed when it comes to battery life. But to our surprise, this Chromebook can last longer than an average day. If you are busy as a Beaver throughout the day, then this battery is perfectly designed for you. Its battery is considered to be bang up in the race of Chromebooks. While working the whole day streaming continuously and refreshing web pages, this 45Wh battery manages 11 hours along with the screen brightness set at 150 nits. It would hardly consume 2 or fewer hours to have the Chromebook fully charged.

It shows cool performance when it comes to heat. According to a test, the heat gun registered on the touchpad was 75.5 degrees Fahrenheit after streaming 15 minutes of HD video, which falls into a complete comfort zone.

This Chromebook automatically updates your software every six weeks in the presence of an Internet connection. You will be provided with the latest operating system which will reduce the chance of updating your software times again.



  • Affordable/low price
  • Even with a low resolution, the IPS touchscreen works beyond your expectation
  • USB –C, USB -A, HDMI Ports
  • 11 hour of decent battery life
  • SD Slot for expanded storage
  • Bright screen
  • Good size and weight
  • Admirable performance



  • Thick screen bezels
  • Subpar sound
  • White shows scratches and grime
  • Closer auto-update expiration



Lenovo IdeaPad brings you the impressive performance along with its amazing value in 2 in 1. If you are in search of a laptop that can deal with your issues and qualifies to gratify you in the best possible ways, then the new 14 inches Lenovo IdeaPad must be in your hands. This laptop is having its rank on the top with other competitive laptops. It provides you a bunch of features including a stunning touchscreen, energetic battery, multiple modes, plenty of ports, and a lot more that needs to be explored. You will be greatly satisfied with its Windows 10 experience. This laptop seems to be so gorgeous, smart, and sturdy. The new Lenovo Flex 5 can be appreciated for its groovy design, strong graphics, and decent price. It proves that the best windows tablets along with swish features can be affordable. If you are able to put up with its minor drawbacks and don’t mind having a bit low brightness, then this laptop is a real contender for the money. Finally, we have to head into the details to know more about the laptop.

Most of the laptops lack power and flexibility because these features are mostly concerned with premium devices but luckily Lenovo flex 5 offers you both. The Lenovo Flex 5 consists of an optional CPU along with Nvidia 940MX GPU in an attractive two toned package. Its shallow keyboard might be a turn off for you.

Talking about its flexibility the flex 530-degree hinge allows it to be more flexible as compared to a conventional clamshell laptop. This laptop can also be disguised into a tablet, can be folded like a tent on your desk as well as rest it on a keyboard option like an easel. Some 2 in 1 laptop are visibly smaller and light weighted costing more than flex 5 while this laptop also fulfills your this type of expectations making it more appealing in its competitive laptops. By buying this laptop you are saving enough of your money while having the best computing performance along with ultra-features. It is hard to believe that at such a price.

The computing muscle is considered as the key strength of flex 5. One should always keep in mind the computing performance of a laptop in such a budget. It is the most ken speckle feature to put in front because usually, laptops in such range lack the best computing performance. But in the case of flex 5, there is no need to worry. The flex is an exception the credit of which goes to its Ryzen 5 processor and Radeon graphics. According to some reviews and tests, most of the competitive laptops are nothing in front of flex 5. The flex 5 professionally manage browsing, gaming, and multimedia content creation. Most of the systems are familiar with the use of SSDs, it is acceptable to expect the comparable results on the storage benchmark.

It consists of an island-style keyboard along with a 14 inch 1080p touch screen display. The keyboard contains at least 1.3mm of space while it requires a force of 72 grams to press which is quite comfortable. It certainly allows you to type 110 words per minute if you have command on typing. Its touchpad is so swift and smooth without any hindrance. It might seem a bit shallow but that is something one can get used to. It is responsive towards windows 10 gestures like scrolling with two fingers or tapping three fingers in order to summon Cortana. It has a print screen key at the top right corner while on the other hand, the insert key lies to the also provides you a calculator shortcut and windows switcher shortcut.

Battery life is known as the backbone of any gadget because if it runs out of its charge, then there is no way you can complete your task or any pending work. Flex 5 provides you a full day work performance without making you face any problem regarding its battery. According to a test, the battery lasted 8 hours and 20 minutes while browsing over Wi-Fi. On analysis, it lasted for more than 16 hours while it was on airplane mode. Its dim display that we consider earlier as its turn off is helpful when we talk about its battery as brighter pixels consume more power.

Its design is worth eye-catching. It is covered with a black plastic lid having a logo on the top of its left corner. It’s 4.1 pounds which makes it a bit heavy. The flex 5 possesses a standard set of ports. By reducing the clutter you can enjoy the full definition screen with narrow bezels on all four sides of its display. As it is known to be convertible 2 in 1, the flex 5 can be folded into tablet mode, or rather use it as display mode or in tent mode as an upside-down V. The display is a bit darker than other laptops. The outer surface is of grey color making it unique from the rest of Lenovo versions. It is also purchasable in light grey color. Flex 5 contains most of its advanced featured in it. The brightness is up to 250 nits, so it is usable in a comfortable manner in dark places whereas, in lighted areas, it may not be comfortable.

The digital pen is an additional source of an input whose pressure sensitivity has 4,096 levels. It also has two buttons which makes it a complete digital stylus. This feature is different from Lenovo yoga C940 and Samsung galaxy book flex, where the digital pen is integrated into the system, the integrated pens are smaller in size making their use less easy on the contrary. They carry the advantage of not getting misplaced easily.

At the top of the flex screen, there is a camera fitted, the lens of which can capture the video size of 720p. The image capturing quality might appears a bit dull but that is something every laptop faces. It might lack an IR sensor for face recognition. It has the physical privacy shutter which can be enabled for use. Moreover, if you want to enable the face recognition feature, you won’t have to log in to your window account instead there is a fingerprint part on the keyboard panel from where you can access facial recognition. Lenovo gives its customers a year’s warranty.

Along the sides of the keyboard lies ultra-speakers that might fall short for its bass but overall works best in its own way. Usually, the laptops have their speaker along the bottom of its edges but the flex 5 speakers are at the sides of the keyboard which proves to be the plus point. The speakers include Dolby Atmos certification to provide a little boost. You can have all that you want in a laptop regarding audio in this range of price.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are available but the standard Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) is absent which is not mandatory. This version of the laptop is superfast for daily usage. This laptop is uniquely designed and featured both in software and hardware terms. It consists of a USB port named 3.2 Gen 1 Type₋A which is an advanced feature where most of the developed portables do not have it. Its physical body also includes an SD card and power button. Both the ports lie on the right side of the laptop. The power button should be used only when the laptop is in an easel position. The left side tray of the laptop contains a power slot, HDMI 1.4b output along with a type-C and an audio combo jack built in it, with an audio quality of 2-watt stereo. Another function of USB-C is to charge the laptop. The device is built with an AC adapter whose function is the interpretation of a power slot.


Robust computing performance

Excellent value

Soft-touch, durable chassis

The screen supports touch input

Webcam privacy shutter

Two USB Type a Ports

Solid performance

Attractive two-tone design

All-day battery life




A bit heavy

Dim 250 nit display

The keyboard might appears as a bit shallow


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