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10 Best Laptop for Accounting Students

The Best Laptop for Accounting Students, Work, and Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs)

How To Choose the Right Laptop for Your Accounting Career?

This is the definitive guide to choosing the right laptop for accounting students, work, and chartered professional accountants.

Requirements | Hardware Overview

  • CPU: 7th Gen Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7
  • RAM: 8GB or 16GB
  • Storage: 25GB SSD or 512 GB SSD or above
  • Display: 15.6 inches or 15.6 inches FHD IPS
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce or NVIDIA RTX with 6GB VRAM
  • Battery: 4 hours or More than 7 hours


Comparison Table | Editor’s Top Picks 2024

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Quality and Featured laptops need thorough research, which we did for your ease.

The most important software used by accounting students is FreshBooks, Bright Pearl, QuickBooks Online, Accounting software for Mac (Xero), Accounting software for small Businesses ( Zoho Books). Although some software is old enough but still are in use.

Another big name is Peachtree, newly named Sage 50 Accounting, the best software for managing and paying employees that speeds up your cash flow and reduce costs.

Review best processor combos for your gaming & heavy tasks.

10 Best Laptops For AutoCAD 2024| Review Guide

This review is the full guide on all the selected and powerful laptops for Business. Have a look:

1. LG Gram Laptop – LG Gram 10 Generation for Accountants

“IPS Touchscreen with 17Hours of Battery”

No products found.

This LG Gram is the fresh Release of 2024, as this latest pick came at the End of December 2019 and places at the Rocking position among powerful laptops. This laptop is a 10 generation laptop that owes the top position for Autocad with respect to its immense usage.

This model of LG Gram is updated with a 10th generation laptop. For its battery run time up to 17 hours. It’s a big new change that any other laptop gives you this much charging time. As it is said that usually touch screen laptops consume a hell of battery but this emerging LG Gram denies the fact. As with the IPS display, it offers 17 hours of charge. That is why from the last of 2019, this laptop is the best laptop with appreciative customer reviews.

If taking into account its feature, this is a much portable and slim handy machine for accountants. No doubt, it is leading the way in lightweight laptops. With its introduction in the 10th generation, it performs awesomely with twice the graphics that is remarkable for ultra gaming as compared to old ones.

Most importantly, presence of Thunderbolt 3 ports. A perfect combination of portability, connectivity, and efficiency. Other than Accounting this is perfect Pick for playing PUBG, as it consumes a hell of battery charge.

Highlighted Features

  • Thunderbolt 3
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Portable
  • 3D Audio
  • Power for upto 17 hours

2. ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop – 16GB Best laptops for QuickBooks

“Anti-Dust Cooling System”

No products found.

The most latest release of 2024April, The Asus TUF Laptop for Business. This is the very fresh pick and that is why at the second position in our Editor’s record. The most fastly buying a powerful laptop in such a short time.

The best thing about this laptop is its processor. i.e. AMD Ryzen 7. Buying an AMD Ryzen laptop is a better choice than ever now. They offer more bang for your buck than those overpriced Intel laptops. They provide you with better cooling and energy management and the Ryzen U processors of 3 and 5 series outperform their Intel counterparts in Single and Multithreaded tasks. That is why these are the best pick and dominates among powerful laptops.

This Asus is packed with GeForce GTX 1660 Ti better graphics for catching minute details of modeling and diagrams, 16GB DDR4, and 512GB PCIe SSD. Full package of featured laptops. Its compact design and thinner bezel with massive storage make it more reliable and stable to stand apart. Designed with all the ports you needed. Blessed with all the extremely durable keyboard with keys that can endure up to 20 million key presses.

This laptop has significantly prolong life span as t has built in dual fans with anti dust technology that keeps your laptop cool for long times. The lighweight and slim choice for heavy duties.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect Cooling
  • Portable
  • Nanoedge display
  • RGB backlit keyboard
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3. MSI GL62M – [ Best 15 Inch] – Best laptop for business students

No products found.

MSI GL62M 7REX is a well-known laptop in its own way. It is our top pick in our review list because of its long time cooling ability.

If you are a concern with the best accounts payable software to set general business solutions with highly reliable accounting and financial processes, then MSI is the most appropriate choice for accountants with 15 Inches display.

Being an accountant you know that Accounting platforms can vary from simple single-entry systems for bookkeeping or check writing to advanced double-entry applications that offer a general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivables. It plays with a huge amount of data to store and to deal with. And this can not be possible without any powerful system.

It highly depends on large storage and the latest powerful processor. And MSI GL62M is all about this. Its 8GB RAM and 1TB hard drive give you a lot of storage options to deal with this large accounting data and spreadsheets.

QuickBooks is the online software used by accounting professionals for every kind of small business accounting solution. With the powerful processors, the company estimates that, on average, it saves its users 40 hours each month on accounting tasks by using this software. It can be used by nearly every type of business and has plans for businesses of all sizes. We can analyze that it works from self-employed individuals to small businesses with basic accounting needs to established businesses that need advanced features such as time, project, and inventory tracking.

These are all heavy tasks done by accounting professionals that can’t be possible without a powerful computer for computing all these duties. Moreover, it has a Backlit keyboard that is the most comfortable for all professionals even they are students or in the working sector. 

This is another high-end choice of accounting professionals. But keep in mind that where you are spending millions on this filed while studying then why not spend some more in professional life to earn more.

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful
  • SSD plus 1Tb Hard drive ( More storage)
  • Backlit Keyboard
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4. Lenovo Flex – [ Best 2 in 1] – Best laptop for bookkeeping business

No products found.

If you are a concern with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software development department of Accounting that used to helps companies to use integrated solutions to manage their business and automate the back-office functions of units such as IT, Services, and HR. Then you need to go for Lenovo Flex the 2 in 1 series for accounting professionals under 600.Its software integrates the operational functions of manufacturing, development, product planning, marketing, and sales to improve its market. It is the best Lenovo laptop for CPA in 2024

And obviously, these tasks are highly demanding tasks with respect to storage and asks for systems that can carry their huge data. This 2 in 1 Flex gives its best with storage and powerful Intel Core i5 processors. As i7 and i3 are the compulsions for Accounting computers.

A Computer for Accounting students to tackle all financial massive data like spreadsheets management, managing heavy bank statements, and sales/marketing strategies.

Although it is a little bit heavy if you need a system for office work then it is the best option for you. Its big screen display of 15 Inches gives you all the computing statements clearly in spreadsheets. Moreover, it gives you 10 continuous hours of its battery charge so that you can use it for maximum hours during office hours.

So it is best buy 2 in 1 computer for all accounting professionals for its ERP software. This budget computer will not make an issue with storage or its battery timings.

If you need gaming machine then this computer offers ultra settings for gaming with 39-73fps for gaming Overwatch  GoW 4 and Battlefield 1.

Highlighted Features

  • Coolar boost 4 cooling
  • Good Battery for 10 hours maximum
  • GPU delivering 15% better performance
  • High Frame rates
  • 3d sound enhacement (Nahimic 2)

5. HP Pavilion – [Best Value] -Best Computer for Accounting Students Under 800

No products found.

If you have a good choice of Best Buy Accounting Laptops, you can run your Business from anywhere. This HP Pavilion is another 8th generation laptop pick of our enrolled list of laptops for Accountants.

This well Known HP is best known for gaming. Why it’s our choice for Accounting students? Because it is packed with all the powerful hardware and software specs. It has all those specs that are needed to run heavy software. That’s why it exists in our top list.

Hp is 15 Inches anti-glare display that is super awesome for all accountancy. Bankers mostly prefer it because of its RAM and Quad-Core powerful processor. That boosts your Business up and up. It is the best HP laptop for Accounting professionals.

It has 1TB of hard drive storage that can keep lots of your data safe. Accounting is the most targeted Business. And your accounting needs are straightforward as I described. These essential include: general ledger, accounts payable/accounts receivable, fixed assets, and bank reconciliation. And In most cases, you probably only need the basic plan or core accounting with one or two add-ons to your liking. So you can go with this HP pavilion that gives you all the best possible flavors.

It comes with a full-size island-style backlit keyboard with a numeric keypad that is most comfortable for Bankers and typist. Hp Pavilion is the budget accounting laptop to deal with all of the accounting needs. Either, are software or simple accounting checkpoints.

If you need to have additonal RAM or SSD, then it benefits you with additional 8gb ram stick and support a nvme ssd.

Highlighted Features

  • Quad Core
  • Portable
  • More storage
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6. Acer Predator Helios – [Best Gaming] – Core i7 Laptops for Accountants | Finance Managers

No products found.

In more than thousands of SMB assets, accounting software tools are designed well for large enterprises and big Businesses in need of robust and complex finance modules that can handle a large amount of data in minimum time to be more productive.

Moreover, most of the well-developed accounting statements & finance systems are built and integrated in accordance with large businesses’ requirements and provide accountants and ACCA students with the full ROI and functionality picture. Rather than simply forecasting the budget or handling fixed assets. This huge amount of data can only be handled with the one and more powerful laptop that is Acer Predator Helios. And this is the most demanding and outstanding Choice in Accounting Field. It is the best laptop for presentations.

And at the same time, accounting software products are designed to blend within every software architecture that can eliminate the need to pay for additional functionality. Most of these products are also priced by the quote so that they can give every business exactly what it needs. For all this Acer Predator is the most powerful laptop to deal with all the technicalities.

With 15 Inches’ big display, Acer presents itself emerging best Accounting laptop with its powerful 4.1GHz Processor. Moreover, it is the best choice with its 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD. In short, we say that it is the ideal choice in Accounting Agency.

It is powerful enough that late hours tasks do not let it heat up because of its Aeroblade Metal fans. However, it is an expensive and premium choice but where Big enterprises need to grow, price doesn’t matter.

Although it has only one drawback and that is its heavyweight. But as it is discussed that it is gaming laptops and gaming laptops are designed heavy. But on the other hand, it is so powerful that portability can be ignored for some instances.

So, If you want to run and grow a bid Business, take a step ahead with Acer Predator Helios, the best laptop for Accounting students and Small Business.

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful
  • Lots of Storage
  • Good Battery Life
  • Do not heat up soon

7. Apple MacBook Pro – [Best High End] -Best computers for accountants

No products found.

Most of the time security issues take precedence over Business tasks more. In such cases Macbooks are considered to be more secure and more protective laptops.

Accounting is the most expensive field and its accounting software reduces its expenses and offers more precise financial reports with the help of the best lightweight laptop for college.

In this case, the MacBook pro plays a vital role. MacBook Pro is the premium choice of all professionals. According to its needs, a well-known software Xero is introduced that is 100 percent compatible with the Mac operating system. So being an accountant professional, you are able to use this Xero software, especially with its latest MacBook Pro.

It is compatible with mobile accounting, IOS, and Android.

It is the best Accounting software for MAC because it is a full-featured solution. MacBook Pro is the best laptop for accounting students in 2024 as it is featured with all of the specs required for accounting professionals. Like it needs 8GB RAM for performing all accounting dealings. MacBook Pro is what packed with 8GB RAM and is with Quad-core Processor. That is able to give you a double-duty performance Intel Core i5 processor.

It is the most lightweight product on our list but is highly expensive. If your pocket budget allows you, then this is the best choice for Xero software for MAC. 

It saves your time and simplifies all the accounting by automating tasks. Its T2 chip security makes it more reliable for easy move and portability.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight
  • Powerful with Quad Core processor
  • Secure machine (T2 security)
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8. Acer Aspire E15 – [ Best Budget] – Accounting Laptop

No products found.

For everyday user, Aspire E series offers a comprehensive range of choices no doubt. With all the appealing features and attractive design, it performs incredibley. No doubt, its Breathtakingly beautiful images with rich Full HD 15-inch widescreen display, is the perfect choice to look into minute ledger packed figures.

Accounting is a vast field. It is related to different departments and each one is specified for its own tasks and duties. Being an accounting student or running a small business of Accounting as an accounting professional, If you are connected to deal with expenses management or with financial reporting, Acer Aspire will entertain you with its best qualities.

If your company is going to in-process pay, and audit employee-initiated expenses then it would help you like the best computer for Accounting calculations. Although this budget laptop is packed with 6GB DDR3 RAM its additional 1TB hard drive covers the storage gap easily. 

You won’t be stuck in your tasks with its 6GB RAM. Its Intel Core i3 processor helps out in fast working to give it end. It is the best Acer laptops for accountants 2024

Additionally, Financial reporting of accounting helps companies to automate the collection of financial data and accurately track trends that affect business goals mostly. That requires a powerful boosting processor for heavy duties. In results of this Financial reports offer business owners greater insights and visibility into the functioning of their business. That’s why Acer Aspire is the demanding brand for this function with its big display.

On the other hand, it is not a good option with respect to portability but still, due to its powerful processor performance, it can stand in a queue of good computers for Accounting and Small Business.

It is the budget computer for Accountants under 400 with its long battery run time. It can help you for 13 hours with its first charge. So If you are interested to give boost your financial reporting and expenses management, Acer is the best budget computer for accountants.

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Highlighted Features

  • Consistent wireless signals
  • Ultra-fast data transfers
  • 13.5 hours battery 
  • Upgrades made easy

9. Asus ZenBook – [Best Lightweight] -Asus Zenbook for Quickbooks

No products found.

Search for slim and lightweight laptops for carrying massive information stops here with the selection of Asus ZenBook UX330UA.

Identifying your major issues and providing the best computer with all of the basic requirements is our major concern.

Asus ZenBook stands as its demanding position because of its lightweight and portability for CA students. Business grows when you move from one place to another. And this Asus ZenBook is a lightweight laptop for CA students under 800.

If you are going to deal with Payroll software that is most probably offered by HR technology vendors and is also available as part of an ERP package. Then Asus will help you out with its powerful Intel Core i5 and huge storage.

Actually, Payroll software performs the following tasks such as check printing, generating payslips and tax forms, canceling payments, calculating salary and allowances, withholding deductions, and enabling direct deposits into employees’ bank accounts. For that accountants mostly uses lightweight windows laptops for different branches of banks. So in need bankers can move their laptops with them. It has ultra connectivity for all types of data transfers.

It has a comfortable backlit keyboard for easily entering numerical data. So If you want to fulfill your all requirements that is basic needs plus portability then this Asus the lightweight laptop for bankers and Accountants under 600.

Highlighted Features

  • Portable
  • High-Resolution FHD Display with 170 wide view angle
  • Lots of Storage
  • Powerful Processor
  • 10 times faster transfer speed
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10. Dell XPS – [ Best Technology Laptop] – Dell xps 13

No products found.

This 13Inches Dell XPs 13 will help you in running “The FreshBooks software” for Invoicing. This 8th generation laptop is the best in all aspects. In short,  this is all in one laptop for accounting professionals.

FreshBooks is concerned with all-In-One Small Business Invoicing and Accounting Solutions that move you towards the best pick of Dell XPS technology. FreshBooks automate tasks like invoicing, organizing expenses, tracking your time, and following up with clients in just a few clicks. That’s why it offers a laptop that can run with all these duties.

Dell XPS is the best laptop with Quad Core i5 processor which boots up the software capability. It has 13 Inches touchscreen display that helps you in fast processing tasks than those laptops which are non-touchscreens. Usually, accounting software needs storage of 8GB or above is the most suitable for it. But the minimum is 8GB to run all types of software. Dell XPS 13 is the accounting Choice.

Backlit keyboards of this DELL helps you at late night calculations at home or in darks. Windows 10 supports mostly all types of Accounting software. You can enjoy Quad-core under 800 dollars that is the most reasonable choice among all professionals. Secondly, it is the most lightweight laptop for portability. For example, For all CA students, Bankers, and professionals meetings, it is the best editor’s lightweight pick. With all of its connectivity ports, it is the best flavor ever.

Highlighted Features

  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Portable
  • Good Storage
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Our reviews on laptops, filtered some powerful and featured laptops that are Top pick of Editors. These are Best Acer Predator Laptops, Dell Gaming laptops 2024 and Razer Blade best 13 Inch powerful laptops.

If You find the best laptops collection in 2 in 1 laptop than Lenovo Ideapad/Thinkpad, Asus VivoBook and Acer Aspire laptops and Hp laptops are the top-notch choices.

Best Computer for Accounting Firm – Buyer’s Guide

Some important points will definitely help you in buying the best one for your heavy tasks:

1.Screen Size

The very first thing is the display size of your work machine. all the laptops used in this field must be of 15Inches or 17 Inches to make sure the minute details in sheets. All the laptops given in this Whizz list are 15 inches or greater.

2. Processor

Intel Core i5 and i7 are the perfect choices to play with accounting huge data. But in this one special release of 2024 is also mentioned a laptop with AMD Ryzen processor. Nowadays these processors are at the top of the list as they are budget too.

3. RAM

The most important storage device that is the backbone of your laptop. The minimum requirement is 8GB of storage as all the enlisted reviews are 8Gb. If you want a  Chromebook, Google pixel book is the best Chromebook with 8GB of RAM under affordable price.

4. Battery

A laptop’s battery is the fourth most important thing for any heavy duty. Either are games or software laptops with good battery life are preferable.

Features For Buying a laptop for Accountants

If you want a laptop for your accountant, you need to get one that’s powerful enough to handle all the demands of an accountant. A large display, a comfortable keyboard and trackpad, a fast processor, and a memory that supports many applications are all required.

What processor is suitable need for Accounting professionals?

If you are a student or a CPA who wants to get into business, you need to know which type of laptop is right for you. When you are working with a professional accountant, you will need to have a laptop that has a fast processor, good memory, and good graphics.

A laptop that has a faster processor and more memory will help you work faster, so you will be able to finish your projects quicker. Also, a laptop that has a better graphics card will make it easier for you to create professional-looking graphs and charts.

You can choose from different types of laptops, such as laptops with i7 processors, laptops with i5 processors, and laptops with AMD processors.

How Much Ram does an accountant need in a laptop?

Accounting deals with heavy software. The RAM you should need for accounting purposes is 16GB or 32GB. If you are using accounting software that requires a lot of memory, you should consider getting a 16GB or 32GB memory card.

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SSD or HDD Laptops for Accounting Students?

Hard drives store your files in a mechanical spinning disk. That’s why it’s called a hard drive.

The main difference between SSDs and HDDs is that HDDs are cheaper and give you more storage space.

While SSDs, are incredibly faster, lighter, more durable, and they use less energy than HDDs.

Which storage drive will work best for you for accounting professionals? Obviously, SSD laptops are a better option for Charted accountants.

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Which Graphics card is the best for Accounting Work?

To run Accounting work, the NVidia Quadro series of cards is the best to use.

The best graphics card for accounting work is the one with the most processing power and memory. The more memory you have, the more you can store data.

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What are the best laptops for accounting?

The best laptops for accounting are laptops with a large screen. They are great for students because they can easily view spreadsheets, graphs, and charts. They’re also great for work because they have large screens and big keyboards.

What computer is good for accounting?

The hardware and specifications requirements for a laptop are very different from one to another. So, it’s advisable to consider the things before you buy.

  •  CPU: 10th Generation Intel Core i3
  • GPU: Intel UHD Graphics (Integrated)
  • Storage: 8GB RAM; 256GB SSD or 1TB HDD
  • Display size: 13.3 inches
  • Display resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080p)
  • Battery life: Up to 5 hours
  • Weight: Not more than 6 pounds

Is MacBook Air suitable for accounting?

Accounting students must have a device that allows them to crunch and calculate numbers quickly. A Macbook Air fits the bill.

These specialized devices are used to provide the highest quality performance for accounting and finance-related tasks.

 Do accountants use Mac or Windows?

Apple MacBook is always a top-notch choice for a lag-free experience.

Every accountants would love to use a MacBook for their professional work, but it’s not always the right solution.

The fact that more than 99% of accounting applications and software runs on Windows is responsible for changing the mind of accountants and convincing them to opt for Windows instead of a Mac.

Is Chromebook good for accounting students?

While Chromebooks are considered an excellent choice for students but when it comes to being an accountant student, Chromebook would not be the ideal choice.

If you have any Excel related financial assignments, this is the book for you. You’ll learn how to do your accounting using Excel, and how to create professional-looking reports.

How should an accounting student choose a laptop?

A PC laptop with a high-speed processor can run QuickBooks software without any lag.

Quickbooks is the best way to keep track of your money, no matter what stage of business you’re in.

In order for your computer to run QuickBooks, you need a minimum system requirement.

Why do we prefer SSD in laptops dedicated to accounting?

There are a few reasons why people might prefer an SSD over a traditional hard drive in a laptop dedicated to accounting. First, an SSD is faster than a traditional hard drive, making it easier to open and work with documents.

Accounting Software like Tally ERP 9, QuickBooks, and Sage accounting works with massive data sets. That is why, as I’ve mentioned earlier, most large-scale enterprise business solutions don’t use a database.

 What is better: Windows or macOS for accounting activities and assignments?

While the Macbook Pro OSX may be good for running demanding business processes and dealing with heavy data, we’d still prefer using the Windows 10 OS for that purpose. It has the best compatibility with software and hardware applications.

Is security important when it comes to selecting a laptop for accounting?

The most data-intensive domains are accounting and finance, and therefore, it is essential to choose a gadget that can restrict others’ access to your computer.

It’s the reason Macs are popular. These come with several security features, including an antiphishing tool.

In addition, MacBooks also support dual-boot which allows you to make a guest Windows profile for guest access.

What are the attributes an accounting student looks for in a laptop?

Accounting students prefer light-weighted gadgets to carry them around with ease.

Besides that, they prefer an Intel Core i7 chipset and at least 16GB of RAM for lag-free software handling.

The screen should be equipped with the best-quality GPU, a powerful battery, and an anti-glare screen for maximum productivity.


Two family processor laptops are mentioned in the above list. Those are Intel Processors and AMD Ryzen processors. AMD Ryzen processor laptops are the most demanding laptops nowadays.

Moreover, we have reviewed the Top Releases of 2024. Must Check!

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