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8 Best Laptops for Realtors / Real Estate Agent

What are the best laptops for Realtors??

Are you a real estate agent and looking for a powerful and lightweight laptop?  If yes, then no worries. This article will help you choose the best laptop for Realtors or Real estate agents in 2020. These laptops are very functional for you regarding presentations, signing contracts, etc.

Several of these laptops are boast with the latest and greatest technologies. They offer great screen resolution, excellent battery life and still manage to be lightweight. These laptops are like portable business packages that you can carry with you wherever you want. You can manage your administrative duties easily on these tools.

Before going through the list, you must note some basic features to have on those laptops for a realtor. They are the following:

Processing Unit: The processing unit is the processor which carries out all instructions on the computer. The best recommended according to your needs is i7 and i5. You can also work with an i3 processor.

RAM: RAM is used to store the working data of the computer. For example, typing, web browsing, applications that you are running, reading documents, etc.

Display Screen: You need a display with a good resolution for your laptop. The recommended resolution is 1092×1080. Screen with less than this resolution will not provide good image quality.

While buying a laptop keep in mind the need for your processor.

Review Longest Battery life laptops.

Good Battery Life: A good battery life is as important as a good processor. If you have a good battery, you can work on your device for a long time. You don’t get worried about charging your laptop. And you won’t get interrupted during your work.

Comparison Table | Editor’s Picks 2024

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8 Best Laptops for Realtors /Real Estate Agents | Review Guide

With all the above points in your mind, you can choose the right tool for real estate agents. Review here:

1. Asus ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptops | Best Laptop for a Realtors

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If you are in search of slim and portable laptops for your travel and real estate tasks, this is the best choice of laptops for Realtors 2022. The first on our list is Asus ZenBook 13 ultra-slim laptops. Asus is quite a new startup in the technology world.

But it has not disappointed its customers and users. Asus Zenbook 13 is powered by the Intel Core i5 processor and has 8 GB RAM. It has a hard disk of 256 GB SSD.  Zenbook is designed with a beautiful silver chassis. It is thin and lightweight i.e. is 2.5 lbs. It offers huge storage and powerful specs.

It is the best 13-inch laptop under 800 for realtors. With a wide and clear view, it is the latest 8th generation laptop that is powerful and lightweight. It is blessed with extensive connectivity with HDMI. Lightweight and slim laptops are always been the first choice of remote workers, students, and elderly people.

It has slim black bezels around the display. The screen is 13.3 inches (33.78 cm) with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Many manufacturers tend to sacrifice image quality and keyboard in their lower laptops.

Fortunately, Asus doesn’t do such sacrifices on their products. The action on its keyboard is snappy and accurate. You can type fast. Moreover, the performance of this laptop is good. The battery is also a plus point of this laptop. It can survive for 10 and a half hours. It means you can leave your charger at home and not have to worry about its battery. This Zenbook Asus laptop is very portable and handy.

[row][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”success” panel_title=”Pros” class=”pros”]
  • Budget
  • Multitasking
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Fingerprint reader
[/panel][/col][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”danger” panel_title=”Cons” class=”cons”]
  • Tricky touchpad

2. HP Spectre x360 | Best Budget laptop For Real Estate Agents

No products found.

The second on our list is the newest HP Spectre x360. If you can afford some amount of money, Go for this HP spectra laptop 2022. That is a powerful and thin lightweight laptop. It is another 13 Inch laptop for Business and work. It is best 2 in 1 convertible laptop for remote use.

If you are a student or traveler, this is the best 2 in 1 laptop under 1000 for you. With the best quality processor that can perform heavy duties and huge RAM.

It is motorized by a processor of Intel Core i7, the fastest processor for powerful tasks. It has a RAM of 16 GB. You can get up to 512 GB hard disk in it. HP has always provided its customers with fresh technologies in its devices. The main selling point of this device is the 13 inches (33.02 cm) convertible touch display. You can set the screen according to your comfortable position.

You can flip it in a tent mode, tablet mode or standing mode. The display has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The colors are vibrant in this display. You also get a fingerprint sensor and volume up & down rocker on this device. The keyboard is also comfortable and has back lightings on it. The weight is 2.86 lbs. It’s thin and very sleek with black and golden theme chassis. The battery can easily run for 11 hours. It offers the best battery run time for Accounting professionals to play with tasks for long hours. It is the best Realtor laptop.

[row][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”success” panel_title=”Pros” class=”pros”]
  • Good sound quality
  • Security
  • Multitasking
[/panel][/col][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”danger” panel_title=”Cons” class=”cons”]
  • It has an old-style quadruple pen.

3. 2020 Apple MacBook Air Laptop For Realtors | Best Laptop with Backlit keyboard

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The new MacBook Air features all-day battery life, faster SSD storage, and a thinner and lighter design. Get the world’s most advanced notebook for everything you’ll want to do—and more—with Touch ID for secure logins and Apple Pay, an expansive color palette, a Multi-Touch glass trackpad that’s as big as a full-size laptop trackpad, a Retina display with wide color and True Tone technology, Touch Bar and Touch ID.

And with the incredibly fast performance, it is even more responsive than before for real state agents.

This is an amazing laptop from Apple that works with the latest MacBook Air. It has a fast Intel processor, a huge 256GB of storage for all your favorite movies, TV series, and music.

4. Lenovo Flex 14 | Budget Convertible Notebook For Real Estate Investors

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The new Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 14 is the latest addition to the family of flexible, 2-in-1 laptops. This convertible laptop gives you the best of all worlds. Remarkably thin and lightweight laptop, this convertible laptop gives you the best of all worlds – use it anywhere, anytime, and in any configuration.

The intuitive 14″ FHD touchscreen display is easy to use (and looks great) in laptop mode for everyday tasks, tablet mode for creativity and natural interactions, tent mode for sharing, and stand mode for binge-watching your favorite streaming show. Digital pen support.

The 14-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) display is easy to use in tablet mode for creativity and natural interactions or in laptop mode for everyday tasks such as watching a movie or typing up a paper. It features narrow bezels on all four sides of the display, so you can do more with a smaller footprint.

5. Acer – Chromebook Spin 713 2-in-1

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As the world’s first 13.5-inch convertible Chromebook, it provides users with a 2-in-1 experience wherever they go. It’s easy to use, tough on spills, and built for the long haul. With up to 14 hours of battery life and a 360° hinge that allows you to switch instantly between laptop, tablet, or stand modes; all while using less energy than a traditional laptop.

The Chromebook Spin 713 2-in-1 is an ultra-powerful laptop that is designed to stay ahead of your needs with fast and powerful computing. It comes with 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, and a 10th Generation Intel Core i5 processor that delivers powerful performance and stunning visuals.  Powerful, durable, and stylish are the three words that describe this laptop best.

So, if you are in search of a beautiful device that would stand the test of time then look no further because Acer Chromebook Spin 713 2-in-1 is for you.

5. Dell XPS9560-7001SLV | Best Laptops for Realtors 2022

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Dell is the best laptop brand that speaks of its quality itself. If you are in search of a powerful processor with 15 Inches of display this is the best choice of thin and lightweight laptops for Realtors in Dell Laptops.

Another best laptop for realtors is Dell XPS9560-7001SLV-Plus. Dell is a choice of most users due to its reasonable prices, style, and ergonomic design.  It is powered by Intel Core i7 and has a RAM of 16 GB. The hard disk can be up to 512 GB SSD. XPS 9560 is one of the best-built Windows laptops. The hinge of this laptop is perfect. It has a soft touch of carbon (fiber) inside. The screen is 15.6 inches (15.24 cm) with amazing color gamut and accuracy. It has great viewing angles. The screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels. It got super slim black bezels. The chassis of it is silver.

Its battery can be upgraded. It now got a 97-watt hour battery. You can also replace it with a small battery and an extra 2.5-inch hard drive. The keyboard is also good which has white backlighting. You can also play some high-level games on this laptop. Because it provides a good resolution screen and a good processor. It is the best laptop for gaming and work. This 7th generation gaming laptop under 1000 dollars is packed with huge storage too.

[row][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”success” panel_title=”Pros” class=”pros”]
  • Add extra hard disk easily
  • comfortable keypad
  • stylish design
[/panel][/col][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”danger” panel_title=”Cons” class=”cons”]
  • Tricky trackpad

6. Huawei MateBook X Signature | 13 Inch Laptop For Realtors

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Why 13 Inch Laptops are the best laptops for Realtors? The most important query of 13-inch laptops 2022. Because 13-inch laptops are the best combination of portability and productivity. For this good reason, these laptops with a 13-inch screen display are the effortless choice of students to move with it around the campus and all the Businessmen can easily slip this machine for their travel.

The next laptop we are going to discuss is 13 inch Huawei MateBook X Signature Edition Ultra slim Laptop. It has a processor of Intel Core i7. It got a RAM of 8 GB DDR3 and a hard disk of 512 GB SSD. It is the cheapest and an entry-level model of the Huawei. It is only 12.5 mm thick.

It’s a lightweight laptop of only 2.31 lbs, which is much handy. Matebook X comes with a small charging adapter like mobile phones have. But it charges fast. 15 minutes charging will give you 2 hours of the laptop running. The cord with the charging adapter is a USB C powered. So if the cord gets damaged, you just have to buy a new cord. You can also charge your smartphone with it.

The adapter also has few extra ports. Those ports can be used for VGA Card or USB C ports. It has slightly thick black bezels. It has a touch screen of 13 inches (33.02 cm). And the resolution of the screen is 2160×1440 pixels. It has a wonderful battery life of 10 to 12 hours. It is the first 13 Inch Notebook 2022 that offers the best sound quality for users with Dolby Atoms Sound System.

[row][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”success” panel_title=”Pros” class=”pros”]
  • Best sound quality
  • Adapter with extra USB ports
[/panel][/col][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”danger” panel_title=”Cons” class=”cons”]
  • Not suitable for the high-level editing of videos.

7. Apple MacBook Pro | Best Computer For Realtors

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What is the best laptop for realtors? If you afford some good amount of money, for buying the best high-end laptop, Macbook Pro is the best laptop for you.

Apple MacBook Pro MLH12LL/A touch bar is another one of the best laptops for real estate agents 2022 under 2000 dollars. Apple products are always on the top-recommended because of their sleek designs and wonderful technologies. The MacBook Pro MLH also has amazing features. It has a processor of Intel Core i5 and a RAM of 8 GB. The hard disk is of 256 GB SSD. There are 3 models of MacBook Pro. 13-inch baseline, 13-inch touch bar, and 15-inch touch bar. We are here discussing a 13-inch touch bar. It comes in 3 colors: space gray, black, and silver.

It has a USB C charging adapter with a USB C cord. So it makes the charger more durable. The screen has a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. The keyboard is fabulous along with a huge multi-touch. Its keys are wider and flatter. The function keys are replaced with a touch bar. A touch bar has multiple virtual keys. You can set volume and brightness from it. You can also search and select different icons from them. It can be set as function keys as well. MacBook Pro touch bar has 49.2 watts hour battery. The estimated battery life is for 10 hours.

With Retina display it offers the best viewing angles with its 13-inch screen. Moreover, it is blessed with the best connectivity ports that are of thunderbolt 3 ports . It is a much portable and handy laptop with its lightweight.

[row][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”success” panel_title=”Pros” class=”pros”]
  • As soon as you lift the lid, the computer boots up.
  • comfortable touch bar
[/panel][/col][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”danger” panel_title=”Cons” class=”cons”]
  • The battery is not good as compared to the Mac book pro baseline.

8. Asus C210 Chromebook | Best Chromebook For Realtors

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Chromebooks are the best computers for real estate agents and are the prior choice of elderly people and Students. The reason is that Chromebooks are designed for auto-updates with the passage of time. Secondly, are lightweight. And third, the most important is Budget laptops 2022. And the one last but not the least is its battery. Chromebooks offer long batteries for routine and professional tasks.

We have some best Chromebooks under different price ranges with the best features. Chromebooks under 500, 400 and 250 dollars. These are the best laptops for writers too. Chromebooks nearly cover the overall area for doing tasks except gaming. Definitely, you need more than 4GB for gaming and Chromebooks to offer 4GB of RAM. But Chromebooks are the best laptops for all purposes.

The next laptop we are going to discuss is Asus C210 Chromebook. If you are low on budget, the Chromebook is the best option for you. C210 is also a very cheap laptop. It got a processor of Intel Rockchip Rk3288. The RAM is of 4 GB DDR3 and the hard disk is 16 GB SSD. The keyboard is large enough for comfortable typing. The keys are very well spaced. C210 has a display of 11.6 inches (29.46 cm) with black bezels.

The resolution of its display is 1366×768 pixels. It comes in two colors: Lotus Gold and red. The battery of this baby laptop is incredible. It can survive for 13 hours. It is small and lightweight so you can carry it with you easily anywhere. The speaker is decently loud. It also has a fingerprint sensor. So if you want to store your data, you can store it. The performance is upright of this laptop.

The best Chromebook Under 300 Dollars For Realtors 2022.

[row][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”success” panel_title=”Pros” class=”pros”]
  • The trackpad is fantastic good and smooth
  • It provides a built-in SD card reader.
[/panel][/col][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”danger” panel_title=”Cons” class=”cons”]
  • Multitasking can make it slow.
  • Chassis is not well-equipped.

9. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 | Microsoft Surface Pro Laptops For Real Estate

No products found.

Above mention, Chromebook was 11 Inch laptop. But If you are interested in 12 inch laptop with perfect clear visions, this Microsoft Surface Pro is the best Laptop under 600 dollars. These Surface Pro power are the best convertible laptops with stylish Stylus  for your any kind of use.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is another best laptops for realtors in 2022. It is powered by an Intel Core i5. It has a RAM of 8 GB and a hard disk of 256 GB SSD. The touch screen is 12.3 inches. And got a fabulous resolution of 2736×1824 pixels. It comes in multiple colors. The battery life is up to 10 hours. The battery adapter is unique. It has a USB connector of type A. It can also be connected to other accessories that are handy of course.

The cord has an LED indicator. It lights up when the laptop is fully charged. The keyboard is covered with Alcantara fabric. It makes a comfortable position for the palm and wrist. The keyboard is very responsive and has nice solid clicks. The speaker quality is outstanding and is the best laptops.

It is the best tablet that can replace your laptop. It offers advanced technology for you featured the best laptop. It has exceptional performance with its fast processor. Being a remote worker, this is the best suitable laptop for Realtors under budget. It is a much handy and portable laptop in 2022.

[row][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”success” panel_title=”Pros” class=”pros”]
  • For palm and wrist, it got comfortable chassis covered with Alcantara fiber.
  • The sound quality is amazing.
[/panel][/col][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”danger” panel_title=”Cons” class=”cons”]
  • It has windows 10 S installed in it. It means it is locked down to the Microsoft app store. So you can’t install things like chrome.
  • Limited range of hinge.

10. Microsoft Surface Pro 2 | Best laptops for real estate

No products found.

It is another, Detachable Surface Pro laptop 2022 with its perfect features for work and play. It is a perfect example of Huge storage for gaming. With 1TB of Hard Drive and 16GB of RAM, it is the perfect pick for gaming laptops. you can use it by separating its screen according to your tasks and comfort.

The last on our list of the best laptops for realtors is Microsoft Surface Pro 2. It’s a two-in-one device. It is powered by an Intel Core i7. It got RAM up to 16 GB and a hard disk up to 1 TB SSD. Surface Pro 2 has a display of 10.6 inches. The touch display has a resolution of 3000×2000 pixels. A cool thing about it is that you can separate its screen from the rest of the body. So that it can be used as a Tablet. You can also reattach the screen because of the magnet. Hinges are well-mounted on this device. Its touch display also comes with a pressure-sensitive pen. It is the best laptop for Real Estate Agents 2022.

It got a 1024 pressure. This device has a nice rubbery compact charger of 42 watts an hour. It got a USB port. The battery life is incredible i.e., up to 10 hours. With this device, you have a choice of two kinds of keyboard. You can have either a touch keyboard or the traditional one with clicky keys. The inside and outside of the chassis is fabric. Even the touchpad has also fabric finishing.

If you are a drawing student or professional artist, it is the best laptop for sketching because it is used with a detachable screen.

[row][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”success” panel_title=”Pros” class=”pros”]
  • This laptop comes in many colors.
  • You can choose between a virtual touch keyboard or a traditional keyboard.
[/panel][/col][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”danger” panel_title=”Cons” class=”cons”]
  • The screen is very short if you are a lover of big screens.

11. LG Gram 14Z90P Laptop 14″ IPS Ultra-Lightweight | Best Battery Life Laptop

No products found.

Highlighted Features

  • Longer battery life
  • Massive Storage Capacity
  • Premium laptop

LG Gram 14Z90P Laptop has a premium design that is ultra-lightweight, yet durable for everyday use. This laptop finds the perfect balance between thin and powerful, with a 14″ IPS display in an amazingly compact frame. It also features 4 modes to work how you want: Laptop, Pad, Display, and Tent Mode.

LG Gram 14Z90P Laptop is the perfect travel companion for all your online adventures. With an ultra-lightweight design, you can stay connected wherever you go! The powerful Intel® Core™ i7 processor makes it easy to handle multiple tasks while its narrow bezel display lets you enjoy your media in true-to-life quality.

LG gram 14Z90P Laptop 14 is a perfect companion for business, school, and travel. The stylish, durable, and ultra-lightweight design gives you the freedom to enjoy an on-the-go lifestyle. It’s the result of our relentless focus on the details that matter to make your life comfortable.

Buying Guide Features to Consider in a Laptop for Realtors


As a realtor, you spend a lot of time driving or walking from one house to another. Most likely without a laptop on hand, since it’s too cumbersome to carry along your heavy laptop. A big part of what you do as a realtor is spending time in an open air office (your customers’ home), but there are cases when you need to carry out paperwork and enter data into your system, like for example calculating taxes for the property or simply documenting an encounter with potential clients. All of these tasks require a light-weight design so that you won’t be weighed down with unnecessary items during work hours.

Battery Life

It would be embarrassing if your laptop’s battery runs out while meeting with clients. It’s important to make sure that the gadget you choose has a battery that lasts longer than 10 hours! All of the 5 laptops in this list have no less than 10 hours of battery life and will be a lifesaver for entrepreneurs.


You won’t need a powerhouse laptop but you do want to make sure your laptop is not sluggish. Apart from using it for business functions, you might also need it for personal functions like watching movies, playing games or running software.

Three things that are important when it comes to performance are: RAM, CPU and HDD (Hard Drive). We suggest looking for more RAM over a larger hard drive because more memory can handle more operations at the same time. Make sure the CPU has a great clock speed and fills all 8 cores while keeping the power consumption relatively low.

Screen size

Screen size is a matter of preference, but if you’re after portability, you might want to go for a smaller screen. Larger screens are better for office work, where precision isn’t as much of an issue as it is in graphic design. The bigger the screen, the more you will be able to see without zooming in and out. If you’re looking for a laptop that can serve both purposes of small screen size portable laptops and large screen size office ones, 15 inches would be best.


You are a busy person with better things to do than constantly buying new laptops. Laptops can get damaged and sometimes you might accidentally knock them in some way which could ruin their functionality. By prioritizing durability rather than style, or having laptops made out of steel or aluminum it’s less likely that your product will fall apart when bumped into hard objects like chairs or tables.


Most realtors may not factor in design when purchasing a laptop computer. That is a mistake. A good design makes all the difference in the world, especially if you work as a realtor, someone who is always mobile doing community outreach and showing properties to potential clients at any given moment of the day!

If you spend most of your time on your laptop computer, it’s important to have one that will allow you to use it comfortably in more than one way. For example, convertible models are great alternatives for people like us who need to do presentations often on the fly. We recommend the HP Spectre X360-13T because of its impressive flexibility and incredible design – it’s certainly something we can work with!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mac laptops good for realtors?

Many realtors already use MacBook Pro laptops for their business, and they are pretty satisfied with it. Of course, the price is the main concern of most businessmen, and Apple is not the cheapest brand, but Mac laptops are worth every penny! The reason is obvious: the exterior design and quality, the security, and the speed are unrivaled. In addition, Apple computers are easy to use and maintain. The only disadvantage is the lack of availability of software, but if you are not a games addict or heavy Photoshop user, then you don’t have to worry. And if you are a programmer, then Apple’s OS X OS is the best you can find at the moment. So, if you want a powerful laptop for your business, you can’t go wrong with Mac!

Should I go for a tablet PC instead?

Tablet PCs (iPads, Android Tablets) are for customers who are more interested in utility rather than style. They are usually less expensive and lighter. But their large size and inability to change font size in Windows make them inappropriate for very old or visually impaired customers. Some people love them, others hate them. But as long as you are willing to take a chance, you will never know if you don’t try them.

How much storage do I need on my laptop?

You should have at least 100GB of storage on your laptop, and preferably a second hard drive. If you plan to store and work on multimedia files, or store a large number of videos, songs, and games, then you should get as much space as possible. However, if you just store text files and work on Microsoft Word or Excel, then you might be okay with only a few GB of storage space.

Is Chromebook suitable for real estate investors?

Chromebooks are indeed becoming very popular in the real estate circles thanks to their cheapness and portability. Google has even launched its own model in the market. Being cheap and portable, it is indeed an ideal device for real estate investors. However, you should know that Chromebooks are not ideal for some real estate entrepreneurs.

Some areas of real estate investing such as flipping require advanced software sections and plugins. So, in short, if you are a real estate investor who requires heavy software and apps, then getting a Chromebook won’t be a wise choice. In that case, you need to look out for something else.

Should I get a 2-in-1 device?

I would say yes. But you should always understand your audience. A Realtor is constantly communicating with buyers and sellers of a property. So a tablet would be a great choice for a Realtor. A tablet can be used for showing houses or important documents. But, I would recommend you to go for a smaller tablet, like an iPad mini. I think it’s the best option for realtors because it has just enough power for the things that realtors need – email, the internet, and a few other apps to keep them organized (I am thinking of apps like Docs, Dropbox, and Outlook).

Offers, sales, and best Realtors Laptops on sale

Below you will find a list of the most interesting offers and promotions for the best SSD Laptops in 2022:

No products found.

Final Verdict

We have selected for you the best desirable laptops for your job as a real estate agent. Some of the laptops don’t have high prices. And it provides you with the best features you required. They have high-speed processors, good storage and an excellent quality screen.

The above information has been collected from experienced and reliable users. These users have been using these devices for a long time. The laptops have also been reviewed properly. They are satisfied with the quality and terms of them. So, if you want to buy a good laptop, you can choose from our list.

As electronics are a one-time purchase product, you must buy them carefully. All the products above are at affordable prices. MacBook and HP are a little high on prices. But they have been installed with the latest and newest technologies. Read the above specs and you will know which product to buy.

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