Hdmi splitter for dual monitors

What Is an HDMI Splitter?

An HDMI splitter allows you to split an HDMI video signal into two separate audio and visual signals. You can then send the video feeds from each camera to their own external monitor.

Most splitters aren’t good at splitting. Many don’t work for a number of reasons including an anti-piracy measure called HDCP.

HDMI Splitter

An HDMI splitter allows you to connect multiple devices to one TV or monitor.

How to Use HDMI Splitters

If you don’t need to use an HDMI switch but still want to send an HDMI signal to a video projection system and a TV or two televisions, then you should consider using HDMI splitters. HDMI splitters will transmit multiple HDMI signals from one HDMI source to multiple TVs.

Splitters that come equipped with more output ports are mainly used for commercial and business applications in situations where one display has to be sent to multiple displays.

Splitter types can either be powered or passively where no power is needed. To avoid signal drop or handshake issues, powered splitter cables are better. You’ll also need an HDMI splitter that is compatible with audio and video inputs that you need to pass through. Because if one video device has a lower resolution than the other one, then this may cause both of them to default to a lower resolution setting.

Is there any difference between using an HDMI splitter and an HDMI switch? Yes, an HDMI switcher allows you to change between the input signals that are sent to a single TV. On one hand, an HDMI splitter will take a single signal from a TV and transmit it to multiple TVs.

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What Are the Common Problems with HDMI Splitters?

Most HDMI splitters aren’t very good because they don’t work well with HDCP.

HDCP is an anti-copy protection framework built into devices such as Mac computers, MacBooks, TVs, and gaming consoles.

Once HDCP confirms a connection has been made between two devices, it will encrypt the content so that it cannot be recorded.

If the output is protected by HDCP, but one part of the setup isn’t HDCP-compliant, then the content won’t appear on your monitors.

However, HDCP supports a fallback mode that allows non-HDCP-compliant content to be scaled down to a lower resolution (720p).

Some cheap HDMI splitters accidentally bypass HDCP protocols because they don’t bother acquiring an HDMI license.

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Some of The Top HDMI Splitters for A Dual Monitor Setup Include:

OREI has 3 HDMI splitter versions. The one mentioned here allows you to send your output to two different devices, such as monitors, but there are four and eight output versions available.

But it’s always good to keep an extra output port in case you need one in the future.

This 4K HDMI Splitter by OREI has garnered a lot of positive reviews on Amazon.

One feature that sets this HDMI Splitter from the competition is its ability to bypass HDCP-protected video signals.

Another important feature of this splitter is that it comes with an AC power adapter, so you won’t need a separate cable to power it up when using it.

However, if you’re using an HDMI cable that supports HDCP 2.0 or HDCP 2.2, then you don’t need to worry

This splitter can also support auto downscaling, so it can output to two 4K monitors at the supported resolution.

It works best with HDMI cables of up to 30 feet long. OREI also states that this splitter has an extended warranty for one year with support.

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This 2-port HDMI splitter from StarTech allows you to share content from a 4K display between two or more HD displays.

This is utterly impressive since 4K is four times 1080p’s resolution.

It works with older PCs and gaming consoles that support earlier HDMI revisions of 720p and 1080p.

It’s quite a useful gadget, and even if you won’t need a 4K ready HDMI splitter right now, it ensures that when the next generation of display technologies come out, you’ll be ready for them.

Furthermore, you can power this dual HDMI splitter with either an included power adapter or a powered USB cable, depending on which works best for your needs.

What sets this Avesio HDMI splitter apart from other HDMI splitters is the fact that it supports 1080p HDTV connections. So whether you want to duplicate your 4K laptop screen on two monitors or your favorite gaming console, you can.

The Audio Link HDMI Splitter has a relatively small size, but it requires an external power source.

This splitter supports most audio formats including Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus. Additionally, Avedio claims this splitter is compatible with HDCP 2.2.

Make sure both monitors connected to this splitter are 4K-ready, otherwise the input resolution will be downgraded.

If you have two monitors, the splitter will down­grade the output to 1080p because that is the resolution of the smaller monitor.

With the Arisen HDMI Splitter, you can split the output from your computer and retain a crystal clear picture quality.

This splitter enables you to split screens for shared work platforms, meetings, etc. In addition, you can use it with desktops, laptops, projectors, smart TV boxes, Blu-ray players, etc.

This HDMI splitter supports HDCP 2.2 and is backward compatible with Full HD (1080p) and 4K @30 fps displays. This ensures that this splitter will work with almost any HDMI source.

The Arisen 4k HDMI Splitter offers 4:4 chroma subsampling for smoother color and video transitions. As a result, each pixel receives its own unique color.

It also offers a high dynamic range (HDR) which means it can capture more light than regular digital cameras.

The Gofanco prophecy 4k HDMI splitter distributes audio and video signals from 1 source to 2 HDMI displays without signal degradation.

It also includes some advanced and unique features, including auto downscaling from 2160p to 1080p (mixed resolution output), 3.5mm headphone jack, and AVR mode for use with older AVR systems

The Franco prophecy 4k supports HDMI 2.0, HDCP 1.4 / 2.2, which means you get at least 18 Gbps of bandwidth. This makes this splitter ideal for video editing and gaming with high-refresh consoles such as PS5 or Xbox Series X.

It’s an ideal device for people who gradually upgrade their workstations and entertainment setups.

This splitter has an enclosed metal housing which provides durability and reduces RF noise interference.

It also features ESD protection and produces very little heat, which guarantees the highest stability. You can contact Gofanco if you’re not sure about its compatibility.

The SIIG 4k HDMI splitter splits video and audio signals from one computer or gaming console to two HDMI-compatible monitors simultaneously.

With its advanced features such as audio extractions and mixed resolution output, this HDMI splitter is useful for people who are constantly upgrading their gaming and work sets.

It also supports 4K and FullHD display outputs which means that one 4K output can simultaneously send a 4K signal to both a 4K monitor and to a Full HD monitor by downscaling.

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It also supports forced scaling and auto-scaling. HDMI 2.0 support means that you get theoretical maximum speeds of 18 Gbps (gigabits per second).

With this splitter, you can have cables extended up to 10ft, with the max length of the input cable being 40 ft. long and the max output being 60 ft. long.

The Newcare 4k HDMI Splitter will automatically integrate with your devices and deliver 4k signals to 4k monitors and 1080p signals for 1080p monitors independently. It has four HDMI inputs and one HDMI output.

This means that you could gradually upgrade to 4K by using newcare’s smart scaling technology at no extra cost.

This splitter supports automatic downscaling of videos with audio that’s in a single file. It also splits video and audio signals into separate streams without any signal degradation.

You get the HDMI Splitter in the box, an Ethernet cable without the power brick, and a user manual.

It’s a superb, compact splitter made entirely from plastic, meaning you can easily carry it around with you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the device, please contact our customer service team who will be happy to assist you.

The Ezcoo HDMI Splitter will mirror the content from any HDMI source onto all connected displays without signal degradation.

In addition, this splitter has all the necessary features such as AVR mode and mixed resolution output for you to upgrade your work or gaming setup.

You can distribute 4K content on one screen and full HD content on another.

You can use this splitter for setting up an old display with another display and have them function without any glitches.

This splitter can be used to bypass HDCP certification in any device that supports HDMI adapter 2.0, including Mac PCs, MacBooks (MacBook Pro), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Apple TVs.

You don’t need any drivers to install this splitter. Just plug it into an outlet, then attach the HDMI cable, and you’re ready for action.

The AVSTAR 4k HDMI Splitter is a relatively affordable HDMI splitter that allows you to split one HDMI signal from multiple sources into four separate HDMI outputs.

Once the signal is divided, this device sends it out to two HDMI output monitors simultaneously.

It’s really easy to use; all you need to do is connect all the HDMI cables and both monitors, and then you’re ready to go.

Using this splitter ensures that your desk is tidied up and you work more efficiently!

You get the HDMI switch Splitter in the box, a USB cable without the charging brick, and a user manual.

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How Many Ports Can An HDMI Splitter Have?

Most splitters only allow you to connect one extra monitor to your laptop or tv. However, you can get splitters with up to 10 ports to extend the external monitor display across multiple monitors. Splitting the signal into multiple signals is usually done by using a splitter. However, you may need just one signal for three or fewer displays.

What Is The Difference Between A Splitter And A Switcher?

A splitter lets you connect multiple screens to one device, while an HDMI switch lets you connect different sources to one display.

A switcher is a device that combines multiple inputs into one output. It works similarly to a splitter, but instead of splitting an input signal into multiple outputs, a switcher combines multiple inputs into one. Before making a purchase, be sure to note the differences between the different devices available.

HDCP Is the Problem With HDMI Splitters

HDCP is an encryption system used by digital content providers to prevent piracy. It protects content by verifying the connection between the video playing device and the screen.

Once it has established a verified connection, HDCPS encrypts the signal to ensure that no unauthorized recording takes place. This arrangement also prevents websites from viewing their own content, which means they cannot edit it.

If the video is protected by HDCP, but one part of the setup isn’t HDCP compliant, the video won’t playback. Sometimes there may be an error message. That means a lot more people with older equipment can’t watch legally purchased content.

Best HDMI Splitter for Dual Monitors

Many people use a dual monitor set up for work, personal, or other computer-related activities. But, to be fair, it’s a bit difficult to get many things done using just one monitor.

This is why so much attention has been given to the use of two monitors rather than one.

And with the massive advances in technology, using two monitors is one of the best ways to get your work completed.

If you want to use a dual monitor setup, one of the best ways to do so is by using an HDMI splitter instead of an HDMI adapter.

These well-designed gadgets take input from one source (such as a microphone) and split the signal into two sources (such as speakers).

So whether you want a dual monitor set up so you can enhance your workflow or you just want to run a smart television box signal to several televisions, this nifty device will help you get it done.

This review will explain what HDMI splitters, HDMI switchers, and HDMI adapters are so that you can choose the right one for your needs.

Most importantly, we will look into the best HDMI splitters available for your dual monitor set up so you can get the most out of them.

How to Split HDMI With a Graphics Card and Computer

If you own a computer with an internal graphics card, you can use a graphics card with two video outputs to split an HDMI signal. It works just like an HDMI splitter, but it doesn’t remove HDCP. You only need to connect a GPU and install an OS to mirror the screens. It’s ideal for people who own desktop computers and has the advantage of allowing you to split the audio signal between two display devices.

Prices are way too high for the gaming graphics cards, but you can still find good alternatives on the used markets like eBay. You can still find gaming cards at discounted prices from online retailers if you’re willing to wait.

The Best Graphics Card With Dual HDMI Outputs:

NVIDIA NVS 310 by PNY 512MB DDR3 PCI Express Gen 2 x16 DisplayPort 1.2 Multi-Display Professional Graphics Board, VCNVS310DP-PB

We don’t recommend purchasing an expensive graphics card for use only when watching videos on two monitors. The most inexpensive dual HDMI card is the PNY NVS 310, which has an MSRP of $39.99.

It doesn’t support low-end gaming or high-definition Netflix streaming. It will let you split a computer’s video output between two monitors at the same time. It uses HDCP Version 1.3, so if it triggers HDCP Fallback mode, it may cause issues.

Like all low-power graphics cards, it should be able to fit into a modular full-sized chassis.

If you plan on playing heavy games, VR, or any other intensive tasks, you might want to wait until you get a better graphics card. The supply shortage won’t last forever and when it ends, prices should drop.

If you already own a GPU, then you can use a converter to split your video output between two HDMI-equipped monitors. The most common video display port is DVI.

That’s why a digital video interface (DVI) to high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) adapter can turn any DSI port into an HDMI video out. Audio cannot be passed through a DVI port; however, you can use an HDMI cable instead. If you don’t already have an auxiliary audio cable, it’s best used when you have another way of getting sound working.

If you get an “HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled” message on your Roku, it means that the content protection system has been disabled.

If you get an error, consider yourself lucky! Most people only get an empty screen and rage. If you’re using an HDMI cable that doesn’t support HDCP, then you need to get an HDMI cable that supports HDCP. Usually, that’s either the Splitter or the Cable.

If you know your displays and video sources are HDCP-complaint, consider buying an HDCP-complaint HDMI cable.

If you’re removing HDCP, you don’t need any compatible equipment at all. However, if you want to one day watch HDCP-protected content (such as Blu-ray discs), you may want to consider buying an HDCP-certificated HDMI cable.

This is the cheapest cable we could get that has compatibility with the latest version HDMI 2.0, which means up to 4K resolution at 60Hz refresh speeds (or 3K at 30Hz).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Splitting an HDMI Signal Illegal?

If you plan on making copies of copyrighted material, then yes, it’s probably against the law. However, for the purpose of recording yourself playing video game, making legal backups of your property, and other fair use applications, it’s not against the law.

MUO has affiliate partnerships and sponsorships, so we receive a portion of the revenue from some purchases. We’re not going to charge you extra for this, but we’ll be able to recommend products that we think you’ll enjoy.

We’ll show you how to record and stream PC games online using Microsoft Mixer, Valve’s Steam, or your video cards native software.

HDMI Splitter vs HDMI Switch

These two terms are often used interchangeably. A simple search on Amazon will return dozens of results with both terms crammed into them.

Splitters and switches are quite different from each other. A HDMI Splitter takes in one input and splits it into several outputs. A HDMI Switch takes in multiple inputs and directs them to a single output. With the latter, the user has the option to switch between different HDMI inputs as they prefer. Some devices even include a neat remote to switch among the different inputs so that the job is easier.

On one hand, HDMI splitters remove the hassle of connecting TVs to multiple television receivers or inputs. It lets you duplicate the screen to multiple devices like monitors and TVs instead.

Now, that we have settled it, let’s see some of the best HDMI splitters for TV and dual monitors. But before that:

Can You Use an HDMI Splitter for Dual Monitors?

A HDMI splitter takes a single video source and splits it into two separate video sources. You don’t need to buy the whole system together with the monitor when you get a second monitor. All you need to start using a splitter is a splitter, which you can easily buy online.

A splitter allows a computer to display its screen on several monitors at once, but not more than ten. A HDMI splitter can therefore be used to split the signal from one device into more than two devices. An HDMI splitter can come in various forms, including an HDMI adapter if you don’t have HDMI ports on your devices.

A HDMI cable will only be able to connect to an HDMI port, not any other type of port.

Do HDMI Splitters Reduce Quality?

A single input and a single output is a good way to get a clean signal. Even though you have two outputs, having just one output still gives you a clear indication of whether something is working. The quality on the secondary monitor is similar to that of the primary monitor because a splitter duplicates a digital signal. It doesn’t matter how many devices you’ve got, and the signal will get copied as long as the splitters can support all the outputs.

An HDMI splitter won’t reduce display quality unless the quality of the hardware (the TV) and the HDMI cable are poor. If you buy cheap hardware, there is always a risk that the signal could be too weak to pick up. The length of the wire will determine the quality of the signal sent to the screen.

Long cables may affect the quality of the image displayed on the screen. There are both powered and non-powered splitter devices. Sometimes non-powered splitters can result in relatively low-quality images.

Do HDMI Splitters Cause Lag?

Latency can be an issue when dealing with resolution and additional links. Lag can result from various factors including the type of splitter used, the distance, and if the splitter is powered. The longer the distance between the transmitter and receiver, the greater the possibility for interference. Splitting the signal through a low-quality splitter could result in a significant amount of lag, even if the splitter itself is good quality.

A non-powered amplifier will not increase the strength of the signal, so there is a chance of experiencing a lag. After splitting the signal, boosting it for the different screens is a more effective choice than just letting the signals travel as they are.

If you’re into gaming, you need your signal to be accurate to within milliseconds because that can be the different between winning and losing. It is important to remember that the HDMI cable is doing the job of both transmitting video and audio signals at once.

Is A Powered HDMI Splitter Better?

It depends on whether you’re using a powered HDMI cable or not. For example, if a video device cannot support a powered HDMI port, then an un-powered option is better than a powered one.

However, a non powered HDMI splitter supports a video signal only for short distances compared to their power­ed counterparts. A powered HDMI splitter works great when the signal needs to be transmitted for longer distances when transmitting at the same time.

A non-powered HDMI spliter cannot transmit the signal from your PC or device over very long distance. If you’re broadcasting on TVs or monitors that are far away from the source, consider powering them with a splitter. If you’re willing to pay more for a good signal, then it’s definitely worth buying a monitor that supports dual displays.

Will an HDMI splitter work for dual monitors?

HDMI splitters and graphics cards can send video output to multiple HDMI monitors at once.

How do I use two monitors with one HDMI port?

Use an adapter, such as an HDMI to DVI adapter. If you have two different ports on your laptop and your monitor, this works. Use a display splitter, such as an HDMI splitter, to have two HDMI ports on one TV. If you have only one HDMI output port on your laptop, then this works.

How do I extend my display to two monitors?

On the Windows desktop: Right click an empty area and select “Display Settings”. Scroll down to the Multiple displays section. Click the drop-down menu below the Multiple display options and select Extend these displays.

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