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How to use Incognito Windows in Chrome

What is Incognito Mode and What does it do?

When you want to use something in private browsing and do not want to leave back its history, that is said to be work/search in Incognito Mode. Your this browser will stop storing all of your stuff you are playing with it on the moment, that usually it stores it on other browsers.

Usually, every browser has Incognito Mode.

Most of Us have a problem of keeping privacy while opening tabs in Chrome. We open many tabs daily while working in the office or at home. When going to close, it leaves your opened pages in your browser’s history.

To keep your secrecy and web history private, you can have now a Chrome Incognito Window. By using this Chrome’s Incognito window you can use it in your office or at home without hesitation.

How to Use Incognito Windows in Chrome

We use to open many tabs but we really do not want someone else to know about it. Sometimes we use to open tabs and then delete its history. To avoid all these issues and disturbance we need to open this in Chrome’s Incognito Window. That is the best way to keep your opening tabs secret.

How to Use Incognito Windows in Chrome

Now take a few steps that “How to Use Incognito Windows in Chrome”, Let’s have a step by step look.

Step 1:

First of all, you have to open this Incognito window in the same Chromebar by clicking on the three dotted lines at the Top right screen corner of your window pane. It is also done with Shortcut Key. And the shortCode for this is: Ctrl+Shift+N

How to Use Incognito Windows in Chrome

At the third number, you will see “New Incognito Window”. You will click on it and will see that you have opened the one you are searching for.

Step 2:

Now Click on it and start browsing whatever you want to. When you have done with it now you can close it. And you will see that it never saves backup or history. Your all opened tabs will be closed forever without any sign.

Same like this way you can open many tabs and it will show no signs of opening after closing this new Incognito Window.

How to Use Incognito Windows in Chrome

The all process in MAC OS for using Chrome Incognito Window is the same except its shortcut Keys. You will use Cmd+Shift+N.

Can Incognito Mode be Disabled?

Disabling is not a big issue because this mode is very safe. You know that every Web Browser has an Incognito mode that allows users to browse the Internet without recording any history with safe and sound step. While there is no native way to disable Incognito mode in Google Chrome for Android. So you can use it without any fear.

In this way, the web Browser forgets your opened data. If you want to change Incognito to normal. The easy way is to close it and again open your original browser. It is very simple to come back to your Chrome Browser.

The other name for Incognito window is private Boxing or sandbox mode.

Why Incognito Mode is Used?

Basically, Incognito mode allows users to browse the Web anonymously, sort of. Unfortunately, Incognito mode doesn’t hide your Internet activity from your internet service provider or any other prying eyes, so you can work on it in private mode. And it will erase your browsing history and search data once you end your Incognito session.

Chromebooks are the best laptops for Using Chrome Web browsers.

Five Reasons Why To Use Incognito Window

There may b a list of reasons why to use Incognito windows. Hopefully, my research points can help you in the future:

  1. Maybe you want to surprise your family or friends with Surprise gifts, you ordered online. And you do not want them to know if you are sharing your computer or laptop with them.
  2. Maybe you are a user of a different account of email and want to open them one by one simultaneously, Incognito Window will prove your best friend in this activity.
  3. I don’t know but maybe you are a writer and needs a wide research area. For that you need to open multiple tabs, sometimes you are hiding it from different prying eyes. So Incognito window will help you a lot.
  4. Or a big reason… maybe you are using your access files from a different computer, maybe from a net cafe or from your friend’s computer.
  5. For a serious Kind of Business, you can also need an Incognito window.
  6. For many of Booking airlines, these windows are used to know about the true pricing games.

Ending Up How to Use Incognito Windows in Chrome


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