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Lg gram 17z990-r.aas9u1 Laptop Review

lg gram 17z990-r.aas9u1 Review – The Thin and Light Laptop of 2022

What is the best laptop with 1TB of Hard Drive?

LG presents the best laptops with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of hard drive. The LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 laptop is the most recent device in the LG lightweight laptop lineup, representing the title of the “world’s lightest 17-inch laptop”.

However, it might not be as compatible as the LG Gram 15 and the LG Gram 14; it still remains to be a stunning alternative for those who wish to watch Netflix on a nicely sized Quad HD screen display without having to compromise on back-relieving portability.

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Furthermore, the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 continues to provide similar high-end performance to its predecessors. In addition to the performance, the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 is equipped with a powerful processor; strong enough to blitz through the tasks, and the integrated Intel UHD graphics GPU contains enough grunt to cooperate with the basic media tasks – but AAA gaming is completely out of the question.


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LG has made a lot of compromises to make sure that this amazing 17-inch laptop weighs less than a kilogram, but it still stuns us with its rucksack qualities. When it comes to its price, the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 is not so affordable; it is expensive for a lot of people. But, if you are not the type of person to compromise on quality, then the price wouldn’t hold you back.

So, if you are in looking for a 17-inch laptop with long-lasting battery life and equipped with the best weight possible, then the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 is the one you need. It is very impressive to note that LG has contained everything in a lightweight notebook.

With that being said, there is no compromise on the features and performance. Contrary to this, there are some shortcomings related to the speakers and keyboard, but otherwise, the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 is a solid performance laptop.

All laptops mentioned below in the Comparison table are Intel 10 Generation with 16GB of RAM along with nearly 20 hours battery timings. These all are the ideal gaming conditions. Lets Review:

Comparison Table | Editor’s Choices of 2022

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Key Features | lg gram 17z990-r.aas9u1 | Best Thinnest laptops

  • Pleasant Design
  • Stylish Keyboard and Touchpad
  • Attractive Display
  • Excellent everyday Performance
  • Reasonable Battery Life

Why should you buy it?

Does LG gram support NVMe? The LG gram provides the complete package with speed and power provided by an 8th Gen Intel Core™ processor (i7), the dual-channel memory/dual channel NVMe SSD slots and 16GB RAM, and 1 TB SSD (512 GB x 2). That’s why it is a highly demanded laptop with its thin and lightweight nature.

LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 Laptop Review

With all the designs and featured qualities lets explore this LG gram Laptop:

lg gram 17z990-r.aas9u1 Design

The best part about the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 is that you can get a hold of it with just two of your fingers, and that might sound a bit weird, but it’s a true feeling. The truth is, the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 is a lightweight laptop that weighs only 1.34kg, which is a proper feat for a 17-inch laptop.

The LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 is the first laptop with such a lightweight design, which makes you want to hold it in your hands while you walk into your office instead of putting it in a laptop bag.

The LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 is ultra-slim at 17.4mm, so it will easily fit inside almost all rucksacks. Moreover, there are a lot of laptop manufacturers that use this kind of slender frame as an excuse to be miserly with ports, but the LG Gram includes them as a bonus.

In addition to this, if you want to attach an external monitor, there are connections for HDMI and USB-C ports. For more peripherals like keyboards and mice, there are three USB-A ports and a USB-C port.

At the top of the port section, there is a headphone jack and one microSD card slot, and both of these ports are very useful regardless of what wireless gurus tell you.

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Moreover, there is a robust and premium quality to the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1’s design. In addition to this, it is very easy to carry, and you will end up throwing your laptop bag in the dumpster once you find out how portable the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 is. Even if you use the laptop in hurried-ness, you still won’t be able to throw a single scratch onto its surface.

When you push against the deck, you will notice a tiny flex or the screen will wobble for a couple of seconds if you try to adjust an angle – but this is something very common to happen, as the screen is so thin. In addition to this, the flex isn’t something to take seriously.

When it comes to the looks, the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 doesn’t look as appealing as the Dell XPS 15, because the grey color scheme looks kind of basic.

Stylish Keyboard and Touchpad

The LG Gram laptops are featured with a very stylish keyboard. The keys are spaced very nicely, and they deliver a nice amount of travel. We are a big fan of these keys, and the feedback isn’t much clicky, so this keyboard is great for hammering out some essays.

On the other hand, there is enough room on the keyboard for a number pad, because that is something the LG Gram misses out. However, this is a tiny flaw, and the function key and the other corresponding function symbols are signposted in orange, which delivers an immediate message to the user about which button changes the volume, activates flight mode, or adjusts the brightness.

You can also toggle the backlight of the laptop through the function keys. When turned on, you will notice a sharp white light beneath the keys. It is less clever, but it looks good. There is a fingerprint sensor located in the power button, meaning you will not have to enter a password every time you log in. Unfortunately, the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 does not come with Windows Hello Facial recognition, so you are not able to sign in by only doing a grin at the screen.

When it comes to the touchpad, there is nothing much to say about it. It is very responsive, smooth to touch, and adequately large. We can’t think of any flaws.

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Display | The best Thin and Lightweight Laptop 2021

Assize doesn’t matter, the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 has the most cutting-edge display ever. There is nothing special of having a large display screen that presents washed out and color mudded pictures.

The good news is, the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 has one of the best all-round displays in any lifestyle laptop, especially with getting the Quad HD resolution that provides more pixels than a typical full HD monitor.

With an SRGB color gamut, the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 delivers a punchy screen with adequate colors to support the display. In addition to this, the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 has the features to fulfill the requirements of digital artists.

If you are only using the laptop to surf the web and watch Netflix, then the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 gives flying colors. An ultimate brightness of 373 nits and that easily beats the standard 300 nits, so excessive sunlight will not prevent you from witnessing any kind of screen-action.

Overall speaking, the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 features a great display. Flick on Tuca & Bertie or BoJack Horseman, and you will notice how many candy-colored animations appear on your screen. However, the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 is not suitable for gaming.

Excellent Everyday Performance

When you pick up the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1, you’ll feel like its empty. Surprisingly, this portable laptop isn’t just functional, but it is also featured with high-end elements.

The LG Gram isn’t the speediest laptop around, but it still provides some fast performance benefits, which make it perfect for lifestyle and office use. The LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 features 16GB of RAM.

When it comes to the GPU performance, the Intel UHD Graphics 620 graphics card delivers awesome resolution performance. LG laptops are designed for Business purposes especially and for gaming too.

Furthermore, the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 is designed for providing remarkable performance for day-to-day tasks like spreadsheet management, video streaming, and web browsing.

The read and write rates of the 512GB SSD hard drive are a real disappointment. However, this is not a deal-breaker for a lifestyle laptop.

In addition to this, the 512GB storage space is kind of stingy. It is more than adequate for storing your personal collection of movies and photos, but if your mind starts to wander into a more creative direction, then you might want to look for another option.

Reasonable Battery Life -Laptops with Good Battery Life

The battery timing of the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 is actually reasonable when you consider the brightness levels. When you dial down the screen’s brightness to 150 nits, then it only lasts for six hours.

We know it’s not enough, but if you consider its performance features, you would be ready to compromise. In the six hours, you can perform casual gaming, web surfing with Wi-Fi, photo editing, or writing.

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General Specs Of LG Gram laptops

  • Display: 17-inch 2,560×1,600 display
  • CPU: 1.8GHz Intel Core i7-8565U
  • PC Memory: 16GB DDR4 SDRAM 2,400MHz
  • Graphics: 128MB Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Networking: 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless; Bluetooth 5.0
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home (64-bit)
[row][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”success” panel_title=”Pros” class=”pros”]
  • Good 17-inch display
  • Great battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent routine performance
  • Includes Thunderbolt 3
[/panel][/col][col col_type=”col-md-6″][panel panel_type=”danger” panel_title=”Cons” class=”cons”]
  • Very expensive
  • Dim screen
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It is almost rare to find a good looking 17-inch laptop. It is no surprise why no one wants to own a slow and worn out a laptop to take to the office every day. The LG Gram 17 is not one of those laptops that are all about the price but contain a lot of drawbacks; surprisingly, there aren’t many flaws in this laptop.

This is the reason why most potential buyers are dragged to the LG Gram 17 because it is the complete package, a big, stunning screen without unnecessary flaws.

However, the LG Gram 17 suffers from an SSD that delivers sluggish read and write speeds, and the lack of a well-performed graphics card takes buyers who have an interest in editing a lot of pictures off from the list. On the other hand, LG Gram 17 is perfect for web browsing, office spreadsheets, video streaming, and essay writing.

In short, the LG Gram 17Z990-R.AAS9U1 provides a very revolutionary design, and every feature of this laptop represents a unique and modern package. The fact that there are very few 17-inch laptop competitors available in the industry makes the LG Gram 17 the best choice. Sadly, the major thing that holds buyers back is its hefty price tag.

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