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Men your Laptop may be Roasting your Testicles | Guide 2022

Do you know that Using Laptops in your lap causes men infertility?

According to the most recent research of Newyork, In the medical journal “Fertility and Sterility,” it is said that using a laptop in men’s lap can heat man’s testicles, the place where sperm production takes place.

Men your laptop may be roasting your testicles

For taking special precautions and further studies, researchers of the University of New York at Stony Brook in the United States placed temperature sensors on the scrotums of 29 men. And set the computers in man’s lap for round about 15-20 minutes and then tested. The temperature of scrotum rose to the danger zone of damaging sperm production.

Mostly, this happens with those men who use to work remotely and outdoors (parks, stadiums, construction site, etc.) and in most cases place a laptop in their laps due to unavailability of the table.

People who work in offices and use tables for laptops are somehow not involved in such problems as their laptop does not come in direct contact with their body during work.

It is generally observed that heat from laptops is too dangerous, even for the laptop itself. That’s why cooling pads and fans are introduced. Moreover, due to prolonged use, internal cooling pads are designed primarily in gaming laptops. The most recent latest example is the Acer predator Helios 300 laptop which has the latest cooling razor blade fans.

The researchers reported this surprisingly that even the use of cooling pads and pillows are not beneficial for this issue. Only the precaution is to use your laptop on a hard surface like a table. The use of a pillow is harmful to the laptop itself because it releases lots of heat. And with use of pillow, its all vents are closed. Heat can’t find its way out, and your laptop gets damage with its own heat.

Men your Laptop may be Roasting your Testicles

Gamers and those users who use a laptop on a daily basis and for an extended period, the need to take special consideration of placing a laptop on a hard surface.

From a medical point of view and researches, it is observed that for maximum growth of sperm production, testicles need cold temperature that must be one or two degrees below your body temperature. Using a laptop in your laptop increases the temperature to 2.5 degrees in one hour (according to recent studies).

2.5 Degrees in temperature Raise

Using laptop in your lap has long sparked concerns about male fertility due to crotch overheating and causes roasting of your testicles. In other words, we can say that your laptop might be roasting your future kids by overheating your sperm factory. So you need to be more concern about your next generation while using a laptop.

In another case study, the journal Pediatrics explained that overheating can also cause toasted skin syndromes. This condition may occur when you repeatedly expose your skin for using a laptop in your lap for long periods of time. It results in darkened, patterned and discoloration of your skin.

Is it safe to Use your Laptop in your Lap?

Keeping your laptop in your laptop is not safe at all both for males and females. It can affect you severely in various ways, such as:

  1. Back and Neck pain
  2. Alteration of sleeping patterns
  3. Erythema Ab Igne ( patches on the skin)
  4. Birth Defects
  5. Causes cancer
  6. Toasted Skin Syndromes
  7. Leads to pregnancy Issues

So, not only it may roast your testicles but effect you physically more.

Pain neck

How Laptops really do to Men’s Testicles

A later 2010 study of 29 males published in Fertility and Sterility found that men who kept their laptops on their laps experienced scrotal hyperthermia (overheating) in which their scrotal temperatures increased by up to 2.0 °C (4 °F). The resulting heat increase, which could not be offset by a laptop cushion, may increase male infertility.

Sitting posture is also one of the main reason towards damage or no production of sperm cells and causes infertility or roasting your testicles.

When men sit by keeping their knees together, it generates heat to decrease sperm mobility. Now a question arises how it happens?

“Exposure to electromagnetic frequencies from laptop causes decrease sperm mobility and causes DNA fragmentation that leads to destroying testicles.”

using laptop in you lap

How to prevent Men’s infertility while Using Laptops

Maybe whoever was the inventor of the laptop, didn’t think about men’s reproductive health. But today I am aware of the fact that by using a laptop in your lap may cause severe damages. If you think you are not concerned about your generation production, even then you if you are really concerned about the damages that can affect your generation or may cause disabilities in your kids, avoid using laptops in your lap. Instead, use hard surfaces for it.

You Need to take care to avoid posture, neck, and back pain issues.

But Why most People deny it and call it a myth

In my thorough research, I concluded (based on research) that using the laptop in your lap can cause infertility in men.

But on the other hand, some people are with the point that this statement is just a myth and there is no reality in it.

Some are of the view that this heat problem is fixed in modern day laptops. According to them, this problem uses to exist back in the days where laptops were as big as the size of a briefcase. But now, with decreased volume and a better way of ventilation reduced that factor.


Whether you agree or disagree, you need to take care and avoid using a laptop in your lap. The reason is, it’s not worth the price you may encounter to pay for it.

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