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Why you should care About Live Streaming

Why Live Video Streaming is your Next Big Win?

Its answer is very simple but with respect to the growing trend, I will explain it in detail. Most probably, you have experience live streaming on a daily basis. The trend is towards reading Live content regarding every field of life. But nowadays the focus is changed.

Most people, Businessman, and students prefer live streaming videos instead of wasting their time on reading the content of thousands of words. Streaming is in demand.

By Neil Patel’s Infographics, It is analyzed and research that In future people want more video content in the future and why you should care about live streaming.

Why you should care About Live Streaming

The above image describes Neil Patel research on live video content. It shows that in comparison to blog articles the trend of live videos will increase more. The percentage ratio of this is like this:

Blog Articles: Live Videos

              14% : 53%

And live streaming by good devices gives you a big platform for it.

A Big Rise In Youtube Live Videos

That is why you should care about live streaming because all social channels are broadcasting live sessions more day by day. The combination of live videos and social media when combines it gives a way to streamers more lively. Now there are billions and trillions of live streaming channels like youtube are one of the brands in Social media. It provides you best live online videos with viewers’ comments, and subscriptions. That helps in making a strong bond between the businessmen.

Why you should care About Live Streaming

Streaming Games

According to the latest research, Video games play an important role in live streaming. There is a huge population of Video games Users. Obviously, it needs powerful systems for video game streaming. Although Chromebooks are good computers too for just online watching videos and streaming Twitch.

Yes, Twitch and Netflix are the two other online video streamers. Streaming Twitch and streaming Netflix are popular channels in this line. Roundabout 4GB RAM is considered enough for Online Streaming Videos.

Live Streaming is growing Faster [That Is good to Increase Your Organic Traffic]

If you are talking Social Platforms in an account or you are doing SEO for your marketing to grow your Business, live streaming channels play an important role in them. For Example, you want to make your Organic traffic more for your online Business, these live streaming channels like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube plays Vital role. So it indicates that Live streaming and Online Videos are big Assets to grow your Business. 500 million peoples are daily visiting FaceBook for live videos. What a huge number this is.

How To Stream on Twitch?

Twitch. tv is the most widely Onlive Video streaming Channel that brings nearly 10 million users on a daily basis. Streaming Twitch is a big Platform for playing games too with Online video streaming. Roundabout 500 million users are Twitch Addicted.

Review Best laptops for Watching Twitch

No signs are indicating that it is slowing down. It is increasing day by day. If we compare the difference between creating online videos and watching online videos, the number of Users watching is more than the number of users creating online videos.

If you are live streamer what system Requirements are Best for Live streaming?

US comaprison of live streaming

Requirements For Streaming Live Videos

As a live streamer, you need a compact pack of system requirements that you can enjoy online streaming at your full.

Internet Connection

The very First things come to your Internet Connection. You need a handful of your connectivity for live streaming. Below given is the Internet speed you need to Live stream accordingly.

  • 700Kbps to stream videos in regular quality
  • 600Kbps to stream low-quality video
  • 2MB or higher for high-definition video


A High-quality Webcam is the essence of Live streaming. Most probably you need to have conversations with your family and friends living abroad or For your Business trip. You need a high-Quality Inbuilt Webcam or separate to stream well.


For Live Streaming, the hardware is the backbone no doubt. If you are having well-Equipped hardware set, you can stream high-quality online videos.

  1. Minimum of 4GB of RAM
  2. 32-bit or 64-bit processor to stream live videos
  3. Pentium Core 2 Duo, 2 GHz processor or higher to stream live videos

These are the minimum hardware requirements for live streaming computers. Most often the requirements depend on the Usage of websites. That what type of website you are streaming. Some need minimum storage but sometimes, some Big channels need some High-end laptops for streaming.


An updated browser is the most important point for live streaming. It is necessary to run Adobe Flash Player to stream videos properly. Common Browsers used are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Which Streaming Video Software Should I use?

For the perfect streaming of live videos, Software plays an important role. If you are involved in live streaming, you should be careful about which live streaming software should I need.

Live streaming is the best part of your Successful Marketing Plan. There is a wide variety of Streaming software in the market. Some of them are,

  1. OBS Studio ( free software open source program available for all platforms i.e. Linux/Mac/Windows)
  2. Adobe Flash Media (Win/Mac)
  3. Split Free (Win)
  4. Wirecast Play

On Online video Platform, there is one drawback for live streamers. And that is OBS does not support live streaming in multiple bitrates simultaneously. In comparison, Wirecast and Vmix support multiple bitrates in live streaming.

Streaming Netflix is another Big bang in Live streaming Race.

Issues In Live Streaming Videos

This article leads to some of the important issues you could be faced while live streaming Videos. And you must be aware of their serious nodes.

This is why your live Stream Lags,

  1. Latency
  2. Video Distribution service
  3. Content Delivery Network
  4. Transcoding
  5. Adaptive Bitrate Streaming


The delay time of the video on screen is said to be Latency. It can happen during live streaming.

Video Distribution service

It is related to CDN that means around the globe how efficiently data is roaming or used by viewers


It is the process of decoding an incoming media stream, changing of its parameters (e.g. codec, video size, sampling rate, or encoder capabilities), and then re-encoding it with the new parameter settings. These are the issues can be in streaming live.


It is the same as transcoding.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR)

It ensures that viewers that may use many kinds of devices with different capabilities and varying internet access can smoothly play a media stream or not.

Any delays in the above techniques may affect Live streaming. So you should be aware of the following streaming Issues.

Why you should care about live streaming

Live streaming includes online watching movies, Youtube, Netflix and Twitch. These are the most demanding streaming Channels we can say. For their best Connectivity, you should be taking care of streaming lag outs and its proper transmission.

For this, you should have proper devices that can entertain you with its best system requirements.

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