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Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Touch Screen Laptop

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Touchscreen Laptop?

Dating back to a few decades when a computer was a substantial ENIAC machine with plenty of space-occupying tools on the desk. There were a separate monitor and keyboard for typing and processing. As time progressed, the whole computer was gathered in a compact form called a laptop where a separate keyboard was replaced by an integrated one while a mouse found its substitution in touchscreen.

Nowadays, these touchscreen laptops are so dominating the market and making things quicker with just a tactile touch. These are made so hippie-dippie to attract the customers but believe me, these touchscreens are not worthy to buy. Here are some of the reasons that will emphasize the major flaws you can encounter while buying a touchscreen laptop.

Touchscreen Laptops are More Expensive

A simple laptop with intermediate specs can usually cost around $1000. However, if the same laptop is equipped with a touchscreen, the price will directly jump over $1500 means $500 additional for nothing. For example, if you compare the price of Lenovo ThinkPad laptops touchscreen with a one without a touchscreen, you will notice that you are paying $75 for insignificant spec. Whether or not a touchscreen is expensive, making an investment in it should be avoided.

touch vs non touch

Worse Battery Life of a Touchscreen Laptop

Obviously, you cannot carry the charger everywhere with a laptop neither assure socket availability.

It does not depend upon your frequency of usage or how heavy software you are running on your touchscreen laptop, the result is always expeditious drainage of the battery. Normally, 15 to 25 percent of the difference lies between the battery life of a touchscreen laptop versus a traditional laptop. Let’s make it simple with an example.

We have tested the battery life of two indistinguishable models of the Lenovo ThinkPad T460. The one with a touchscreen has a battery life of 13 hours and 12 minutes while the non-touch model of ThinkPad T460 has an impressive battery life of 17 hours and 4 minutes.

Similarly, other laptop brands have also the manifestation of a touchscreen with certain models. The top-ranking model of HP Elitebook Folio G1 shows a remarkable battery life of 7 hours and 22 minutes while the same laptop with a touchscreen has 4 hours battery life emerging with 35% less battery life and thus a compromised performance.

XPS 13 is a powerful laptop for gaming and ultra-demanding software. The non-touch laptop screen will give you the best experience with a long-lasting battery life of 11 hours and 54 minutes. On the contrary, your performance sucks if you go for a touchscreen model of XPS13 with 8 hours and 8 minutes of battery life.

The situation becomes pathetic when you disable the touchscreen but the digitizer continues in draining the charge.

Comparison of touchscreen laptops

Thicker and Heavier PC

The innovative specs incorporated in the display of a touchscreen laptop usually make it a bit heavier.

 The additional feature of tactile touch in a laptop makes a difference of 0.2 to 0.4 pounds. Talking about Dell XPS 13, the non-touchscreen is 0.2 pounds lighter than the touchscreen model while EliteBook Folio G1 without touch weighs only 2.14 pounds whereas the touchscreen laptop is 2.26 pounds; a clear difference. Apparently, this difference does not count but it matters when it comes to the portability of a laptop.

A touchscreen is difficult to see in Light

Utilizing a touchscreen laptop in a dark or dim light will not raise any issue, yet have you ever taken a stab at utilizing one in the bright or direct light? Since most touchscreens have a polished glossy finish (there is a substitute of a matte finish, which is vastly improved in the sun however not frequently utilized on touchscreens), fingerprints, blemishes, and smears appear in a significant way.

Utilizing a PC in spots other than a work area is truly what PCs are about, so you’ll definitely experience some sun or direct light. So it is better to buy a laptop that offers maximum functionality in every situation.

Poor Display and Viewing Angles

A touchscreen is way reflective, shiny, and glossy that if you intend to use it as a mirror, you can. The glossy finish is difficult to be viewed with its ultra-reflective screen.

Simply envision attempting to watch a film with two individuals assembled around your notepad. You can see the pictures fine and dandy since you’re viewing at the presentation head-on, however, the ones who are 45 degrees can see cleaned-out pictures covered by their own reflections.

Though a touchscreen laptop may claim the anti-glare screen, the fact is that it is still glossy and shiny with mere perfection in the viewing angles.

Like to Reach across the Keyboard

Using a touchscreen laptop or a tablet needs you to bring it nearer to your face while sleek non-touchscreen lets you bend and reach across the keyboard.

The ergonomic position of the hands and wrists is essential while you are spending sufficient hours in front of the laptop. A touchscreen laptop demands enormous movements of the hands, wrist, and fingers which I suggest will be way exhausting in the longer run.

Maintenance of a Touchscreen Laptop

While the touchscreen laptop is an instant solution to your computing tasks, you will never like to pay extra pennies if the screen gets distorted or scratched. You are reluctant to touch the screen while you cannot perform without doing it; an awkward situation. Therefore, most of the customers do not like to invest in a touchscreen laptop.

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Let’s move How it is | Is Touchscreen laptop worth it?

While the touchscreen laptop is an instant solution to your computing tasks, you will never like to pay extra pennies if the screen gets distorted or scratched. You are reluctant to touch the screen while you cannot perform without doing it; an awkward situation. Therefore, most of the customers do not like to invest in a touchscreen laptop.

Is a touchscreen worth it? Or touchscreen laptops worth it? Recent studies and technology say that Touchscreen laptops are the most demanding.

What you want to call the effort of the human mind or a miracle of a human heart, the touch screen is what is all about. Yes, it is interactive gestures-based technology, once the human mind rolled down an idea that, a time will come that everything will work with one of your gestures. And we, like the thought at that time, what it would be ??

why you shouldn't buy a touch screen laptop

Cons of touch screen laptop

In the past, it was a rumor, that all households, all electronics even everything would be waiting for just your one touch and the task will be done. But now it changes into a big progressive reality that now we have a hell of products that are waiting for our one Touch. In this vast Technology of Touch Screen, laptops and mobiles are one of the latest examples of Touch Screen miracle no doubt.

Review Latest Guide here on Non-touchscreen Laptops 2022.

But, today my debate has two sides — one positive and the other one negative. In our daily life, we always move towards the pessimistic side, but when talking about technology, our recommendations change to some extent.

Best Non- Touch Screen laptops | Latest Review of 2022 By Editor’s Best Choices

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Why You Shouldnt Buy a touch screen laptop?

Do you prefer a touch screen laptop or not? [A big Review]

[Advantages & Disadvantages of Touch screen Laptops]

[info bg_type=”warning”]I am the one who loves to use the touch screen system just because of these latest touchscreen mobile addictions (No doubt). Are touchscreen laptops worth it?[/info]

The answer would be straightforward, obviously yes. But over time, as its use increases, on the other side, we are facing lots of issues. I will highlight all its Issues later that why you shouldn’t buy a touch screen laptop and also why I moved from the touch screen.

In my previous article, I have some best collections of Chromebooks that are touch screen and are the best laptops for students and professionals. It is because Chromebooks are the budget laptops for writers and bloggers as well.

But sometimes touch screen laptops can create issues that are difficult to be tackled with. In this article, I am going to highlight some problems that you can take care of before you buy a laptop.

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Points that make it more clear to you are touch screen laptops good?

Here I will mention the pros and cons of a touch screen laptop why you don’t buy it. Today, unfortunately, with all of the advantages of touchscreens, there still arises a question of why we shouldn’t buy a touch screen laptop?

Summary of a Touchscreen Laptops Fors and Against

TouchScreen Vs Non-TouchScreen Laptops

[row][col col_type=”col-md-12″]
Should Buy Touchscreen LaptopShouldn't Buy Touch Screen Laptop
Touchscreens add versatilityTouchscreens drain batteries faster
Touchscreens add pen optionsExpensive price tag
Touchscreens makes tasks easy by just touchingTouchscreens make laptops heavier
The touchscreen has a stylus and pen
Touchscreens are harder to see in direct light
The display screen is more versatileTouchscreen Laptop is a deficit in viewing angles, the shiny reflective screen is just a mirror in a bright light
Things get quicker by merely a tactile touch
A touchscreen is at risk of scratches and marks

Using Smartphones all day long, you feel that everything will give you the same touch response to make your life easy but I contradict the statement.

Most handsets, tablets, 2-in-1 hybrids are touch-sensitive nowadays. Many companies are selling these touchscreen products daily, but I think it’s a dreadful idea.

10 Reasons Why you shouldn’t Buy a Touch Screen Laptop

Here we have some ideas you should say “no” to touch-enabled notebooks.

  1. A touch screens leave gross greasy fingerprint marks on your expensive laptop screen.
  2. You can’t use touch screens with your gloves-covered fingers.
  3. Sometimes we can afford a laptop without a touch screen at the same price as compared to that which is touch screen sensitive.
  4. Operating touch systems uses lots of battery because the touch digitizer is on all the time. This touch digitizer uses lots of battery round about 15 to 25%.
  5. The most recent tests result in a comparison of two systems. The one without touch lasts its battery for 17 hours and 4 minutes than the one with touch for 13 hours and 12 minutes. Its total of 22% charging difference matters a lot.
  6. Moreover, If you are using a Touch Screen laptop keep in mind, it will be heavier and with thicker edges.
  7. For instance, the EliteBook Folio G1 without touch is just 2.14 pounds, but the touchscreen version tips the scale at 2.26 pounds and is not suitable for gaming activities.
  8. If you are using your laptop on the table, and move your hand again and again for touching the screen for operating it, your arm should be severely affected.
  9. It gives poor viewing angles. For Example, Mostly laptops with touch screens are made from glossy material that can affect viewing angles. If you are presenting or watching a movie with your friends, the display shows fine images, but at 45 degrees you can’t see the screen.
  10. Touch-enabled laptops are harder to see indirect light.

These were major points of why you shouldn’t buy a touch screen laptop. I recommend that a great touchpad actually has more important gestures than the non-touchscreen because it offers significant movements like three-finger swipe, two-finger rotation and more. But still, if you want to carry a burden of touch system wherever you go out, it’s your own mistake.

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Most people think touch screens are only welcome on phones or tablets, and that laptops and other monitors should remain non-touch. And also there are different pros and cons to having a touchscreen of course.

No products found.

Touchscreen And Battery Consumption | A Big Issue with Touch Screen laptops

why you shouln't buy a touchscreen laptop

[info bg_type=”danger”]Tip: If you want your laptop to act as a mirror, get one with a touch screen.[/info]

Small Case study | Laptop Touchscreen or not | Battery Results

We tested HP Elite Folio G1, that is a non- touch version that lasted for 7 hours and 22 minutes while the touch version, an awful experience lasted for 4 hours and 35 minutes. We calculated a 35 % difference in charging life of a laptop. The big reason for telling me why you shouldn’t buy a touch screen laptop.

Unfortunately, we do not have any option about this battery penalty after buying a touch-screen laptop and the decision of buying puts me in a difficult situation should I buy a touchscreen laptop or not.

Here is a battery consumption graph for touch screen laptops.

comparison of battery usage of touchscreen

In this, we disabled its touch screen option by using windows device manager, but it continues to use power. Have a look…

The most likely pinpoint that touchscreen displays offer for Engineering programs. No doubt it is a difficult topic to use touch screen display or not, but it is the most crucial display system for engineering students because engineering students are most concerned with using heavy software such as Fusion 360, AutoCAD, MATLAB and many more. All engineers use this software for 3D modeling, drafting of structuring and sketching of architectures. For this Touch screen laptops are most important for, it uses a stylus pen for easy drawings. With keyboard operations, these activities cannot be performed.

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Does your laptop really need a touchscreen?

Lots of Questions arise when you decide to buy a laptop regarding processors, RAM, connectivity Issues, Battery Life. Yes, If you are in travel, touch screens help out you with more ease and comfort.

Does it have the newest hardware and will it put up with my workload?

How much storage does it have? Does it have a touchscreen? And many more.

Everything covered by this article will entertain you.

Physical Keypad vs Touchscreen: Which is Best?

Work Applications

Talking about working applications, here is a big issue regarding laptops whether to go for a touch screen or not. In most cases, touch keypads are much comfortable and more natural. For example, some employees in companies wear gloves, so it’s tough for them to use a laptop with a touch screen. For them, mechanical keyboards are best. But for restaurant and retail stores touch screen proves to be a good choice. Again we say that it depends on the surroundings regarding tasks.

Accuracy Comparatively, are touchscreens laptops good that has low accuracy than mechanical keyboards. Well, this is because of the surface on which you type is entirely flat with no distinguishable barriers or other physical characteristics that separate the keys.

Common Touch Screen Problems

Do I need a touchscreen on a laptop? Touch screen technology is delicate and may experience many issues. Some of the common problems can cause severe damages to a touch screen to be difficult or can prevent the touch screen from functioning at all.

  1. Calibration of laptops
  2. Scratching and Damaging of Laptops screen
  3. Dirt and Grease will damage the screen
  4. Errors registering input or within the device itself may make the system unresponsive to Operation and System.
[row][col col_type=”col-md-12″][panel panel_type=”primary” panel_title=”Pros and Cons of Touchscreen Laptops” class=”Pros and Cons of Touchscreen Laptops”]

If on one side it makes your life easy by just one tap, on the other hand, the one and big drawback, that stops from buying, is its cost. Touchscreens maintenance is also costly, once it’s screen cracks or breaks it is not replaceable. Most customers can’t afford this. Because other laptops that are non-touch can have thousands of back-ends of severe damages. And this is the most important con that stops us from buying touchscreen laptops.


But still, if you want to ignore these all touchscreen issues and want to use laptops with a touch screen, then you must go for some laptops that are in the market with updated hardware to run heavy software for students. The reason is that mostly Engineering students need laptops with a stylus for structuring, sketching and 3D modeling. Some reviews of the touch screen go in favor of buying it, but some laptop touch screen reviews deny its need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you shouldnt buy a Touch  screen Laptop

What are the pros and cons of a touchscreen laptop?

A touchscreen laptop features a reflective glossy display screen.
The battery drainage of a touchscreen laptop will not let you completely focus on your task.
There is a chance of screen scratches and dirt marks with touch.
Expensive in price
The touchscreen lags in better viewing angles.
However, a touchscreen laptop is good in the way that it gets your task done quickly and has versatile screen specs.

Can touchscreen laptops be made without a touchscreen?

Yes, touchscreen laptops can be made without a touchscreen. This requires converting your laptop or PC into a touchscreen with the help of a device called AirBar. AirBar is an invisible light bar in front of the screen. So whenever you break this light bar, you get to interact with the screen without touch.

Can you replace a touchscreen on your laptop?

A touchscreen consists of a glass overlay, so you can replace the glass.

Does Windows ink work on any touchscreen?

Ans. You don’t need to have a device with a pen, like a Surface Pro 4. You can use Windows Ink Workspace on any Windows 10 PC, with or without a touchscreen. Having a touchscreen allows you to write on the screen with your finger in the Sketchpad or Screen Sketch apps.

 How does a stylus work on a touch screen?

Ans. The standard stylus for a capacitive screen uses conductive rubber or conductive foam to replace your finger on the screen. Every person’s body has a small capacitance. When you touch a capacitive sensitive screen, you change the capacitance where you touch.

How do I reinstall my touch screen?

Ans. HID-compliant touch screen driver missing after installing the wrong driver.

In Windows, search for and open Device Manager.

Click Action on the top of the Windows.

Select Scan for hardware change.

The system should reinstall the HID-compliant touch screen under Human Interface Devices.

Restart the laptop.

 Does the touch screen laptop consume more battery?

Ans. A Touch Screen Drains Your Laptop Battery, Even with Touch Disabled. You probably already know that a touch screen laptop is more expensive than a non-touch version. But there are other, non-monetary premiums you have to pay for the touch capability, including a more significant drain on your battery.

Can you use a mouse on a touchscreen laptop?

Ans. We think they’re pretty useful, but if you tend to use your laptop with the standard keyboard and mouse combination, you can disable the touch screen on your Windows 10 device pretty quickly.

General Review About ToucScreen Gadgets

Why you shouldn’t buy a touch screen laptop? Is touchscreen worth it on a laptop?

Here I will support my answers in simple words. That is If you want a laptop using a stylus then you can definitely go for it, but if you are gamer and you have more task of using your keyboard, then I will prefer not to go for touch screen systems.

The stylus will solve your problems of sketching or drawings more comfortably. In my article, I covered all the advantages and disadvantages of touch screen laptop that are the most suitable one to release your problem of buying it.

Where touch screen laptops reviews define that devices are valuable, innovative and creative with touch screen display but on the other hand they are sensitive and easily damaged. We should take proper care is essential for these devices if we want to use these touch screens in anyways. Keep the screens and your hands clean, and consult your operating manuals for all instructions on how to recalibrate your screen if necessary any time.

When you want to bend your 2-in-1 hybrid into a tablet, you need a touch screen. However, with a touch screen on a clamshell-only laptop, you pay more but to get less.

  • less battery life
  • less portability and
  • less usability

Unfortunately, most PC manufacturers still keep making touch-screen laptops because they think piling on this extra but useless feature will help them sell units. Most probably, we find the best laptops to stream within the upcoming days with the latest technology that can be more reliable in battery life, usability and weight between touch and non-touch screens will be so small that no one will notice. However, today, there’s still a huge difference.

My Final Thought

So where you got yourself stuck in the debate of touchscreen versus non- touchscreen? Well, if you are getting a 2-in-1 touchscreen with a hinge design, then it is justified. However, if you are making a purchase of a touchscreen laptop merely, then you are certainly breaking your bank. You are investing in a laptop that offers comparatively less battery, less portability with a bulky design, with minimum ergonomic ease of the body. The touchscreen laptops are no doubt exhibited as the maximum accomplishment in the laptops but for today it is not!

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Touch Screen Laptop | Review to Advantages of Non-Touch Screen laptops

But is some ways, non-touch screen laptops are the best choice. Non- touch screen laptops are the best laptops for handmade crafts, For running heavy software and especially for gaming. Yes, non- touch screen laptop is the best laptops for gaming.

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  • Your battery life comparisons between touch and non-touch versions of laptops were not fair. I don’t know about the Lenovo, but the HP and Dell systems with touchscreens also had higher resolution displays than the non-touch versions. That adds to power consumption and reduces screen brightness more than the touch digitizer does. It’s also a big factor in the higher price. So you’re conflating two questions: whether to buy a touchscreen and whether to buy a laptop with a display with resolution higher than 1080p.

    • Dear Shirley,

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      I would rather say that power consumption by sensors used to sense “touch events” on screen adds to the total power consumption (even if it is higher than 1080p).


  • My old Lenovo Y50 is over 5 years old now, but the image on the 4K touch screen looks so much sharper than the new FHD models, and the touch feature is so handy. I would love to upgrade to a new gaming laptop with RTX ray tracing, but not at the cost of losing the touch screen. Unfortunately, none of the new gaming laptops have touch screens anymore.

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